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Easy to do for the beginner...
and perfect for the experienced.

Easy to do for the beginner...
and perfect for the experienced.

The Secret Box
The Rattle Box
The Nothing Box

by Terry LaGerould

Try to imagine what's inside this small tin. You give it a shake and you feel there’s something inside. Perhaps you may think it is a ring or a coin. But, after you open the lid and look inside be ready to be fooled!

You will want to use this in your
close-up and walk-around gigs.

This trick is good, even fools magicians!

Watch the 2 Demos

# 1

# 2

Comes with the handy  black bag!

Magicians will love the secret optical illusion
used to tell the sides apart!


Penny Tube - Brass
By Chazpro

This is a new version of the classic coin penetration tube, but it was designed to give magicians a coin tube with three important important differences:
1-it is brass
2-smaller in size (2 inches high)
3-one or two coins can penetrate through the tube at the same time.

Penny Tube is approximately 2 inches tall, precision machined in brass with an attractive design. It can easily be carried in your pocket. The tube screws apart at the center, so a quarter can be inserted. When the halves are screwed back together, the quarter completely blocks the center so nothing can pass through the tube.

REMEMBER: Unlike other coin penetration tubes, the performer can make one or two coins penetrate through the tube at the same time!

Limited Quantity

Only 1 Left

Three Shell Game
Click to enlarge
Three Shell Game - Vernet

The Vernet Shells are perfectly balanced, made of unbreakable plastic and the inner surface is curved to allow easier manipulation of the special pea.

Very realistic in appearance, these are simply the best shells available at a great price.

Red Pea for Shell Game     White Pea for Shell Game
Click to enlarge

Green Pea for Shell Game

Set includes five (5) Working Peas
and two (2) Straight Peas

Available in three beautiful colors:
a bright green color (like a fresh pea),
 Pearl White, and Diablo Red.

The Perfect Pea for the Shell Game
The School for Scoundrels Perfect Pea is made of an injection-molded polymer and are perfectly smooth and uniform.
These colors show up well against almost any mat or performing surface. They are washable and never lose their grip. They will work fine on any type of surface--even glass or marble.
These are regarded by most professionals (including Bob Sheets, Lennart Green, Rich Marotta, and Johnny Thompson) as the best peas ever made available for the shell game.
Working Peas are used in the performance of the steal and pinch and other moves, Straight Peas are made of hard plastic and will not come out from under the shell--these are switched in or out in order for the spectators to examine them or handle the shells.



Click to enlarge

"As real as it gets!"
- Banacheck

"A beautiful perfect thing."
- Paul Harris

"That's amazing!"
- Bob Cassidy

"This fooled me entirely! I'm an instant fan
and want to do it asap!"
- Joshua Jay

"You fried me, I want to put this in my repertoire immediately!"
- John Kennedy

"I love being fooled!
How do I put this in my next TV special?"
- Cyril

Exact Change

Your 1 - 100 Prediction
Is Right On The Money!

A soon-to-be-stunned spectator gives you a number from 1-100. You remove all the change from your pocket and the total matches exactly!

In Greg's professional repertoire for years, it's a perfectly direct and deceptive feat of mentalism that has impressed some of the best minds in magic!

It's easy to do. You start clean, end clean, can turn your pocket inside out or (if you're cheeky enough) have a spectator reach in for the outcome herself. Plus, it comes with 36 remarkable routines to overwhelm your senses!

Resets instantly. No palming. No forcing. No tailoring. No place it can't be done. The instructional DVD, fine leather money clip and custom-designed "secret weapon" will make you look like a master mentalist in minutes!


Scotch & Soda
By Sterling Magic

Most likely the most popular coin trick in the world! Requires no skill and can be learned in 5 minutes. Probably the first coin trick ever purchased by anyone that was interested in coin magic. The coins do all the work.

Place the American Half Dollar and the Mexican Centavo (a copper color coin) in a spectator's hand. Close their hand, reach in and remove the half dollar. Now "invisibly" remove the copper coin. Of course, the spectator will insist that the copper coin is still in their closed hand, but when they open it, the copper coin has, in fact vanished...and has changed to an American quarter! Many astounding variations are possible with this precision-crafted set of coins.
People who purchase this trick have also purchased the video!


Gyp Necklace
Click to enlarge
Gyp Necklace
You show a beautiful necklace made of
 "poppit beads" and give it to the audience to be examined. Then ask anyone to call out a number. You pull the necklace apart showing a long string of beads and give it to the spectator. Then ask him to pull on the ends of the necklace and the string breaks at the exact chosen number.

You can repeat the effect with different numbers.

Another surefire winner for
kid show performers and
family audiences!

Whats My Job Pocket

Highly recommended by Mr. Magic

Check out our Regular Size
You will want it for your larger audiences!

What's My Job (Pocket Size)
from Sammy Patrick Smith

Honey, I shrunk the magic trick! The original What’s My Job has been extremely popular since it's release. Now it's back with a cute pocket version (4" x 5") that’s perfect for
walk-around or close-up performing.

Display a picture book of people in different jobs—a doctor, chef, plumber, police officer, welder, fire fighter, artist, farmer, etc.
A spectator “freely” selects one picture.
A prediction envelope—in full view the whole time—is now opened.

“And here is my prediction, the fire fighter—when he was just a little squirt!” The performer removes a picture of an infant in a baby bonnet! (Groans and laughs from the audience.)

“Well, he knew from the very beginning what he wanted to be when he grew up, and of course, he decided to become—a fire fighter.” The picture is turned over to reveal the fire fighter.



  Invisible Hole
Click photo to enlarge.

The cup is made from black plastic and is approx. 2 inches high with a diameter of approx. 1 ¾ inch at the mouth. The bottom is approx. 1 ¼ inch.

Dr. Schram's The Invisible Hole

The impossible penetration of a coin through a solid cup.

A spectator is given a small black cup to examine. They are then also given a coin to drop into the cup. With a "cling" the coin penetrates the bottom of the cup and lands on the table! The bottom of the cup is shown to be solid, but the penetration may be repeated as many times as you like. The cup can even be handed to a spectator to hold while they drop the coin inside and it still penetrates the bottom!

It even works in the spectator's hands!

Comes complete with the special cup, coins and detailed instructions. Works with coins from all over the world. Note that the coin has to be magnetic! No, that's not the only secret!


Enchanted Necklace
Click photo to enlarge.

The ENCHANTED NECKLACE is a strong piece of magic that can be used with a wide variety of presentations.
A very well made prop, that is totally mechanical, and very easy to do.

Enchanted Necklace

Show a long clear acrylic tube containing a stack of colored beads. You empty the beads into a bowl to show that they are all separate and unattached. Both the acrylic tube and the beads can be inspected. One by one, the beads are dropped back into the tube. When the acrylic tube is full, the beads are tossed up into the air and the magically string together to form a necklace!

This has always been a popular effect with magicians and audiences alike.

3D Rabbits

3D Rabbits with box
Sponge bunnies are very soft!

3D Rabbit Set by Goshman
(with Michael Ammar Instructions)

Now you can perform the classic multiplying rabbit routine with a wonderful new set of sponge bunnies from Goshman.

Comes with 5 "baby" rabbits and 3 "adult" rabbits with instructions written by Michael Ammar.

Two adorable rabbits, Mama Rabbit and Papa Rabbit, are introduced. A spectator holds Mama Rabbit in her closed hand, while Papa Rabbit disappears! Opening her hand, the spectator discovers Papa Rabbit has magically rejoined the Mama Rabbit.

Now the spectator holds onto both Mama and Papa, as she taps the back of her hand saying the magic words. This time when she opens her hand, there are screams of amazement, because an entire family of 5 Baby Bunnies has magically appeared, joining the Mama and Papa Rabbits!





Vanishing Box
Measures 3.5 x 2.25 x 1.5 inches.

 View Clip

The Vanishing Box
Make a small object (ring/coin) disappear...

The Vanishing Box, known as the Professional Rattle Box to working magicians, instantly vanishes a coin, ring, and other small object!

A spectators marked coin or ring is dropped into a small hardwood box and the lid is slid closed. The magician shakes the box, rattling the coin/ring inside, and gives it to a spectator to hold. When the box is opened, the coin has vanished!

 Great for using on stage or close-up and having the item reappear at another location.

High quality function and feel. Easy to do!


(Silks are not included)

Dye Tube
by Vernet

Begin by showing both hands empty.
Then take a red (or any other color) silk and push it into the top of your fist.

When it emerges from the bottom, it will change to white
(or any other color).
If you want, the white silk can be immediately changed back to the original red silk color.

(Use any colored silks you like.)
Nested Coin Box - Plastic

A coin or a small object vanishes from the magician's hands and reappears inside a set of plastic boxes.

Easy to do! Perfect for the beginner.

Elementary sleight-of-hand required.

Easy to do! Perfect for the beginner.

Four precision-machine
nesting brass boxes
Nested Coin Box - Brass

The magician borrows a quarter (or other coin) and places it under a handkerchief. Next, he removes a gleaming brass box from his pocket.

Then the handkerchief is shaken out. The coin is gone. A spectator is invited to open the shiny brass box. Inside he finds another brass box, tightly closed. Inside the second box is found a third, and inside the third, a fourth, smaller box is discovered. Inside the final, smallest sealed brass box is discovered the missing coin - which can be marked for later identification if so desired.

Each set comes complete with four precision-machined nesting brass boxes, the appropriate "something" and complete instructions.


Cup and Ball with a twist! Now, Jiggernaut includes the all new VCD featuring Mark Jenest performing Jiggernaut plus instructions for the trick all at one low price! It's the fast and easy way to learn Jiggernaut!

What You Get: Real Bar Jigger - Artificial Olives
Corks fully illustrated instructions and a


from Mark Jenest's

Prepare to be blown away! Step up to the bar and witness Mark Jenest's intoxicating, inebriating, innovative cup & ball routine, slash sobriety test, that will befuddle and bedazzle your audiences! It's baffling, entertaining, and gets killer reactions! Jiggernaut by Mark Jenest is a powerful trick that requires less skill than effects of equal caliber.

A cocktail olive repeatedly vanishes and appears under this gimmicked bartender's jigger. The killer conclusion is the surprise production of two, count 'em folks, two wine corks! Get awesome reactions when you reveal the corks; audiences absolutely go wild!

Jiggernaut comes complete with a real bar jigger, artificial olives, corks, fully illustrated instructions, the all new VCD, and Mark's terrific comedy patter. It resets immediately and fits in one pocket with no unsightly lemon-lime bulge!


50% OFF

50% OFF

Pen Through Dollar Bill
"Chrome" Penetrating Pen

50% OFF

When it comes to magic with pens, this is the flag ship of this type of magic prop.
Borrow a bill from a spectator and ask them to make a "X" or any other mark on the bill. Tell the spectator you are going to stab the pen through the bill. You then show the spectator that you have stabbed your pen through the bill leaving NO HOLE!  Return the bill to the spectator and watch their reaction as they closely examine "their" bill and "your" pen... take your bow!

The pen gimmick is complete and self-contained. Best of all the entire pen can be handed out for examination!

50% OFF

Bottles are approximately 5 high.

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Trick Bottles

Soothe Your Magical Thirst With Uncle Robs Original Root Beer Trick!

This interactive effect keeps spectators guessing if the bottle is right side up or upside down in a game of unique copycat. Everything needed to perform this effect is included.

Great for walk-around and close up!

Illustrated directions provided.


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Magic Ball & Vase

The ball is shown in the vase.
Magically the ball disappears from the vase!
Then it reappears, only to vanish again!
Stands 3.5 inches tall by 1.75 inches wide.


 View Clip

Thread GENIE

Contains more that 18 feet of Ultra Strong Invisible Thread. 

Quick access Alligator Clip for Instant Setup. Only 2.5 inches long. 

Built-in 50+ inch invisible thread span before full tension starts.  Adjustable tension capable.


 50% OFF

Click photo to enlarge.

Set includes 1 RED boomerang and
1 BLUE boomerang.
Each one is near 12 inches in length
and made of the finest wood.

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Baffling Boomerangs

These baffling magical boomerangs make for an easy, self-working trick. At the same

time, it is very impressive when performed by anyone from the professional or those
new to magic.
Place the boomerangs on top of each other to show the spectators they are both the same size.  Now you hold them up and separate them and the boomerangs shrink and grow.  Now, the audience will most likely think that it is just an optical illusion...so you the put the boomerangs on top of each other and show them that are really different sizes.

Since there is no setup, Baffling Boomerangs can be performed over and over again until the audience just cant stand it any longer. Is it real magic? We think so.

50% OFF
CHANGE BAG - Pocket Size

A miniature Change Bag, which you can carry in your pocket or purse. Just think you can now make your silks, coins, ribbons or rope vanish or appear. We believe this smaller pocket size prop is more appropriate in size to the items placed in it. Great for the beginner and obviously great for walk-around magic.

Wood frame, velvet bag, complete with
several ideas for use!



Super Sight

Display the five different colored brass discs and
the brass container. While your back is turned, a spectator selects and places one disc in his or her pocket sealing the rest in the container. Instruct the spectator to screw the top on all the way and place it on the table. Without being able to see in their pocket or in the container, you instantly and correctly name the color disk in their pocket!

Astonishing Effect!! No Sleight or Special Handling Required!


Anyone can shock and amaze, following the simple illustrated instructions (included).


Hot Rod Pens
Blue or Red Outcome

The real pen that does real magic! You show both sides of the pen to have multiple color dots. The spectator selects a color, and all of the dots transform to that color! Great new item in Magic!...plus you can really write with these pens.

Made in two styles - red outcome & blue outcome for secretly forced color!

Best to buy one of each...then when you put the first one back into your pocket and they ask you to do it again, grab the other one to amaze them.!

Outcome Color


Magic Frame

Show the frame is solid. Slip a card under the middle dome and push a pencil right through the card. You have penetrated the card, yet there is no hole in the frame! Illustrated directions provided.

FREE Product Teaching Video once order processed.

Bruised Refill
8 sheets with the below 4 Card Pips
(Total of 32 bruises)
Queen of Hearts -- 4 Clubs
Jack of Spades -- 2 Diamonds


by Daniel Martin

Comes with 8 additional BRUISED sheets with 4 bruises on each sheet...a total of 32 Bruises.
Queen of Hearts -- 4 Clubs
Jack of Spades -- 2 Diamonds

And, just for fun, each refill comes with a
Trading Card
with even more ideas of how you can use BRUISED!


Limited Quantity


Comes with business card case, one side for the rabbits,
the other side for your business cards!
Check out the Video Demonstration of Business Card Bunnies!

Business Card Bunnies
by Dick Barry



Show 3 business cards with an empty TOP HAT printed on each card. Magically, you wave your hand, and 3 RABBITS suddenly appear from the TOP HATS.  Hand one of the RABBIT cards to hold in their hand, while the magician holds the other two RABBITS.  Suddenly, one of your RABBITS vanishes.  Spectator turns over their card and discovers the the missing RABBIT has joined their RABBIT and has raised a bunch of small RABBITS.

We have had numerous calls, letters and e-mails saying that this one trick has gotten the performers shows! Easy trick to learn and do.





The Nun is 2" Tall

Nun/None has quickly earned a permanent
place in Mr. Magic's close-up/strolling kit.

     Nun/None!  from Michael Mode

A funny magic effect that is truly habit forming.

A coin is used to illustrate a simple math problem. The coin is taken out of the magician's hand as he asks, "What's one minus one?"
"None!" the spectator answers.
The magician's hand is opened and a nun is discovered therein!

A guaranteed laugh, and easy to do.

The package comes with the plastic nun statue and instructions, you supply your own coin. The handling is simple and easy to learn, with clearly written instructions along with helpful images.

Michael Mode also offers tips on presentation and timing, and suggests options for a couple of different effects.


Tired of doing the same old same old trick
that every other magician knows?

Kitty Kaper
Have your Multiplying Rabbits had it?

Tired of doing the same old same old trick that every other magician knows?
Kitty Kaper takes the Multiplying Rabbit trick - a classic - and gives it a refreshing twist.

Do the trick with cute kitty cats instead of adorable bunny rabbits. The spectator sees the magician place two "adult" sponge cats into their hand. But when their hand is opened, inside are a few baby cats along with the "adults."
Easy to do.



Papa Rabbit Goes to Town
by S.S. Adams

Peter raises a family - - in your hand.

Peter is placed in the spectators hand. Miraculously Mama Rabbit joins Peter. Peter and Mama are again placed in spectators hand. When the hand is opened there is Peter, Mama, and five little rabbits.


Closeup Pad Close Up Pads
13" X 17

The perfect portable performing surface for any close-up and table-hopping performer. Made to last, these mats are also very resistant to any liquid spilled on them and even if they do get dirty you can just throw it in the washer!

Currently Black only

Mat Color

Choice of 2 colors

Close Up Pads - Jumbo Size
16" x 23"

Neoprene backing with a beautiful gaming table surface makes these close up pads the best in the industry.

Measuring 16" x 23" they are the perfect size and cushion for all close-up card tricks, cups and balls, 3 shell and more!

Comes in two colors:
Gambler's Green

Mat Color

Sponge Balls 2"
4  -  2" Balls in each pack

Sponge Balls 1 1/4"
4  -  1 ¼" Balls in each pack
        Sponge Balls from Empire

Two Sizes  - 2 Inch or 1¼ Inch - Red Only

One in the pocket, one in the hand - right? No - None in the pocket and two in the hand. The sponge balls have entertained audiences for decades.

Sponge Balls are great for magicians, clowns, storytellers, M.C.'s and mimes. This is truly an effect that packs small and plays BIG!

These are no ordinary sponge balls. They are SUPER SOFT sponge balls. These are so soft, they seem to disappear simply by closing the hand. You can load four of these in the spectator's hand and he will actually believe he is holding just one ball. These are one the finest sponge balls made. Treat yourself to the best.

Sponge balls magically appear and disappear within the spectator's hands. 4 balls with instructions.

Sponge Ball Size

Jumping Gems
Each paddle stick is 3 1/2 inch long.


Jumping Gems

Performer displays two rods on both sides. First a diamond appears on one end of a rod, and then another diamond appears, both diamonds jump from one rod to the other rod. The one diamond jumps back so you now have on diamond on each rod. The rods are pushed through your hand and now you have a diamond on each end of the rod, suddenly you have two diamonds on one end of the rod, then four diamonds.

Then a different colored jewel appears! 

Comes with a red felt bag!

 Rising Card Deck Bicycle  
Red or Blue Bicycle Backs

The Rising Card trick was featured on David Blaine's Street Magic Special.

Rising Card Deck (Bicycle)

The ULTIMATE rising card.
EXACTLY as performed by restaurant magicians and the street magicians on TV. Highly Recommended!!!

A spectator freely selects any card from the deck, asked to remember it and replaced in the deck. The deck may then be cut by the spectator and can be  held by the magician or placed into a glass or leaned against any other object. Seemingly on command, the spectator's freely chosen card then rises out of the deck!

This is one of the best versions of the rising card illusion available today. The deck can be placed against an item or held by a spectator, yet the card still rises. It uses no threads or pulls and is very easy to operate.

Deck Color

magic tricks

You will want to carry this MagiCard credit card in your wallet, for those times when someone asks,
"Can you show us a trick?"

by Mark Jenest

It's a credit card packed with magic and gags! Put it in your wallet and you're always ready to go!

1. Ask your friends to imagine a color, an animal, and a country. The MagiCard 'influences' them to think of a Gray Elephant in Denmark!
2. Your better half turns your finances upside-down...literally! Turn the MagiCard up-side down to read the message in the account number).
3. Have them pick a card and shuffle it into the deck. Now reveal their selection in the logo by turning the MagiCard on its side. It's the 8 of diamonds!
4. Ask someone, 'Wouldn't it be amazing if your name suddenly appeared on my MagiCard credit card?' Look, there it is!
5. A spectator merely thinks of a number--it matches the date on your MagiCard
credit card!

Comes complete with the very realistic custom-designed credit card, plus illustrated instructions.


New Price



Contains 2 ozs. of powder

                Slush Powder

Slush Powder will GEL any liquid "HOT" or "COLD" in the time it takes you to fill the cup. This fast-acting powder is one of the most versatile and powerful utility items around.

Using just a small amount of this incredible powder you can apparently make any liquid vanish, transform, change places and much more. 1 teaspoon will instantly gel 4 oz of water.

  • Contains 2 ozs. of powder
  • Easy to store and pour with dispenser top
  • Includes instructions for two of the many routines possible so you can get started right away
  • $4.50
    Included inside is an assortment of innovative tricks and ideas from Patrick Page, one of magic's most creative thinkers.

    Don't forget to order more
    Slush Powder

               Slush Powder Book

    Slush Powder lets you do the impossible! Armed with this secret weapon, you'll be able to perform miracles. Slush Powder gives you the power to perform trick that formerly required cumbersome gimmicks and apparatus with the greatest of ease, and very little preparation. For years, Slush Powder has been an overlooked accessory in the world of magic. Now, with this booklet, some careful thought and practice, you'll be able to perform a wide variety of trick sure to stun any audience.

    The step by step instruction in this book give you all the details on how to work easy-to-do miracles with this secret substance.

    Inside, you'll learn how to:

    • Visibly morph a glass full of milk into a handkerchief!
    • Vanish a bowl full of water!
    • Change a glass of water into a snowstorm of confetti!
    • Vanish a shot glass full of liquid from your bare hands!

    Magicians Wax SOFT - 4 oz. Container
    For best results use at room temperature.

    Magicians Wax - SOFT
    Magician's Wax is one of the most subtle and versatile accessories in magic. It allows you to easily anchor invisible thread, hold paper loads in place until ready, attach coins and cards together, etc. Your imagination will provide other uses once you start to use this interesting compound.
    Suitable for hundreds of applications and uses, for example:
    Card magic -- Coin magic -- Thread magic -- Card thru ceiling
    Close-up -- Floating -- Conceals -- Loads

    Magician's Wax is available in both hard and soft forms. Hard is best for adhering objects like coins and cards. Soft is ideal for card on the ceiling, etc.

    4 oz. Container


    Magicians Wax HARD - 2 oz. Container
    For best results use at room temperature.

    Magicians Wax - HARD

    Magician's Wax is one of the most subtle and versatile accessories in magic. It allows you to easily anchor invisible thread, hold paper loads in place until ready, attach coins and cards together, etc. Your imagination will provide other uses once you start to use this interesting compound.
    Suitable for hundreds of applications and uses, for example:
    Card magic -- Coin magic -- Thread magic -- Card thru ceiling
    Close-up -- Floating -- Conceals -- Loads

    Magician's Wax is available in both hard and soft forms. Hard is best for adhering objects like coins and cards. Soft is ideal for card on the ceiling, etc.

    oz. Container

    The "classic" torn and restored paper strip.

    Chinese Laundry Ticket

    Show a strip of paper with Chinese characters written on it. Explain that you just took your clothes to the Chinese Laundry and they gave you a ticket.  But you didn't know what it said so you tore the ticket up.  When you went back to the laundry to pick up your clothes, the same attendant wasn't there and needed to see the ticket.  So you said, well since I am a magician, you magically restore the ticket and go home with you laundry.
    Comes with 10 tickets and complete instructions. Easy to do, and always a crowd-pleaser.

    10 tickets for only

      Highly recommended by Mr. Magic


    A solid chrome ring and a chrome chain that can be handed out to your spectators to examine and play with...before or after!

    The effect simply is, linking the Ring on the Chain, by dropping the Ring down the Chain until it stops at the bottom of the chain; at this point you ask the spectator to pull the ring, it will not come off. Then you or the spectator removes the Ring from the attached Chain to once again be fully examinable.

    You can even loop the chain over the spectators thumbs and have them place there thumbs through the Ring, and almost instantly you are left with the Chain leaving the spectator with the Ring.

    It comes with several effects to perform; its pocket size and fully examined, before and after.

    Ideal for close up, and Table Hopping.





    Heads Or Tails by Gary Kosnitzky
    Imagine being able to toss a spinning coin high up in the air and possess the uncanny ability to predict whether it will land on heads or tails side up. Are you able to foretell the future? What if you can toss a coin in the air and make it land face up on any side the spectator wishes. You may even let the spectator catch the coin themselves. Do you have super human powers? Gary's, aim in authoring this treatise is to explain and teach you how to do just that. He calls this method of tossing a coin so that you have complete control over its outcome, the Controlled Coin Toss.
    The act of tossing or also known as flipping a coin to make a determination has been around for well over a thousand years. The ancient Romans played a game called "navia aut caput" (ship or head). Most likely it was named this because ancient Roman coins usually had a ship on one side and the profile of the head of an Emperor on the other side. Gary would not be surprised if there was a Toga-clad gambler back then who was employing the Controlled Coin Toss to cheat at this game. The origins of this method to control the outcome of a coin toss are shrouded in obscurity by the mists of time.  Only a small number of Mathematicians, Gamblers, and Magicians have any knowledge of this technique. Fewer yet can actually do it well.  It is really not very difficult to do once you develop the knack. Like anything worthwhile mastering it will require some practice.


    Watch a Video Clip by clicking HERE
    This 1.8 Mb clip opens in a new window. Quicktime is required)
    Color Monte Bicycle Back Cards

    One of the best-selling packet tricks of all time! Show three cards; one with a blue spot and two with a red spot. Explain that this is a game for gambling, and whoever finds the blue spot wins a dollar, but if that person is wrong, he must forfeit a dollar. Then explain that you were once taken by this game, and show how you were taken, losing three dollars because every time you thought you picked the blue card, it was red.
    So, you accused the man of not even having a blue card. He showed the bottom card as blue, so you lost another dollar! So, you said that if it was the card on the bottom, it couldn't be the one on top, but again, you lost another dollar! It is then showed as the center card as well, and by then, there's been six dollars lost. So, you said that you thought he was using more than three cards, but were proven wrong and lost another dollar.
    So, the gambler gave you another chance, double or nothing. He showed you that one card was red, another as blue, and all you had to do was name the color of the third card. Red, right? Wrong again! It's not red, nor is it anything anyone would expect!

    Everything may be examined and only three cards are used! Now made with Bicycle cards and comes complete with card wallet!

    Card Wallet

    These card wallets are a must for anyone who works with packet tricks! This regular card wallet serves as a protective carrying case. Use it to carry gaffed cards, business cards, or whatever else you like. The possibilities are endless.

    Order several to keep your packet tricks separated.


    you need this
    No card, coin or ball handler can do without this great manipulation lotion! It's NOT greasy either!

          Elite Magician's Hand Lotion
                        4 oz. Spray Bottle

                This stuff really, really works!

    Gary Ouellet and Guy Camirand have for years looked for the best manipulative lotion. In 1988, they offered what we believed was the best hand lotion for manipulators. This is an improved version of their original and unique hand solution which is perfect for those of us who struggle with dry hands during a performance. Just apply it 10 minutes before show-time and you're all set!

    Do you have problems with cards slipping? Classic-palmed coins popping free prematurely? This specially-prepared solution will combat these and related problems by adding just the right amount of cling without making your hands sticky (unlike most commercial hand creams and lotions).

    Available again after a ten year absence, this may well be the answer to your dry hand woes!


    3.2 ounce spray can

    Roughing Fluid Spray by Aldini
    Make your own cards with Aldini's own roughing fluid.

    Ready to spray roughing fluid in an easy to handle form.
    The very best spray formula.

    A spray can of roughing fluid for "touching up" those rough and smooth decks as needed. Create your own trick decks or effects that you read about in the books. Causes cards to cling together and yet separate easily with merely a touch. Great for all roughing, rough & smooth and packet trick applications.

    Magic Stop-Light Cards

    Two black plastic cards are shown in a clear business card plastic holder. 

    One has the 3 colors of a Stop Light...Red, Yellow and Green; the other card is blank and has no colors of the Stop Light.

    A spectators chosen color (say it was green) vanishes from the 3 color Stop Light card and magically reappears on the other blank card...all this happens while they are holding one card in each hand.

    Simple & Amazing!  Great for close-up!


    Was $4.95
    Now $2.95

    Watch a Video Clip by clicking HERE  
    This 1.5 Mb clip opens in a new window. Quicktime is required)
                        Buddha Money Mystery
    "classic" trick.

    Change one item into another - with no skill!

    The magician opens a set of folded papers and places a small object, (coins, bills, etc.) inside. The papers are then re-folded. Upon opening the package of papers again, everyone is astonished to find the small object has changed into a another coin, bill or even vanished! The possibilities are endless.

    This a a great trick to teach kids how to do. One of the very first tricks that Mr. Magic learned when he was little.


    Highly Recommended!
    A must-have for any card worker.

    Plus, the book also includes several card set ups including the Si Stebbins and Chased arrangement.
    This deck, without a doubt, is a great marked deck.  Very well made and one of the few Poker sized marked decks on the market.
    The markings are hard to see, but screams out at you when you know the secret! 


    People who purchased this trick have also purchased the manual "Hidden in Plain Sight"


    DeKram Deck with Book

    This amazing Poker Sized deck allows you to perform what can only be described as "impossible" card effects.

    Here is just one example:
    A spectator shuffles then divides the deck into two piles - one for him and one for you. You each select a card from your respective piles, return them and then shuffle the piles. Next, you and the spectator exchange piles. You tell the spectator to "concentrate" on his card and you will attempt to read his mind and find his card. You then remove a card and place it face down on the table. You now instruct the spectator to read your mind, find your card in the pile, remove it and place it face down on the table. You can imagine the surprised look you get from the spectator when you ask him to read your mind - of course he cant! Explain to him that since he is probably not a psychic he can just guess at your card - take a shot in the dark.
    Eventually, he too removes a card and places it face down on the table. You now ask him to name the card he originally selected from his pile. He does, you turn over your card and it matches exactly! (So far so what... after all you're the magician right?) You now reveal what card you originally selected and ask him to turn over his card. To his amazement, and everyone else's in the room, the card matches! How'd he do that? He has no idea either! To the audience, you are both expert mind readers!
    This is just one of many effects possible (
    The 36 page Book, included with your deck,  includes over 11 tricks -- with many illustrations -- that you can perform with this with this legendary deck.)
    Plus, a baffling routine by professional magician, Dan Garrett.



    Watch a Video Clip by clicking HERE
    This 2.6 Mb clip opens in a new window. Quicktime is required)
    Boris Wild Marked Deck

    A user-friendly deck of marked cards! These easy-to-read marked cards are printed on the world's most popular cards - Bicycle Rider Backs, manufactured by the world famous US Playing Card Company. The Boris Wild Marked Deck is a dream to use. Wild's system is recognized as the finest ever developed. The marks are hidden in plain sight - easy for the magician to read, yet completely invisible to the uninitiated spectator. Included with each deck are complete instructions that detail its working, along with several tips, tricks and ideas that you'll be performing right away! Easy enough for a beginner to use, but the perfect professional performance tool, as well.

     People who purchased this trick have also purchased the manual "Hidden in Plain Sight".




    For the serious student, a lengthy bibliography has been included, leading the reader to further information and uses for marked cards.
    Watch a Video Clip by clicking HERE
    This 2.6 Mb clip opens in a new window. Quicktime is required)

    Hidden in Plain Sight from Kirk Charles
    A Manual for Marked Cards

    Hidden in Plain Sight is the most complete manual for marked cards ever published. Author Kirk Charles, a long-time professional magician, has written a book that explores this most powerful of all magical tools in great detail. From the history of marked cards to more modern developments in “reader” technology, Charles breaks down the advantages, disadvantages and nuances you’ll need to know. You’ll learn about commercially available decks as well as how to prepare your own custom-marked pack.

    Additionally, Charles delves into the psychology involved in performing with a marked deck. From strategies for misdirection to key cards, stacked decks, and mnemonics, Charles explores every angle of the tips and tactics that can enhance tricks with any marked deck.
    For the beginning card conjurer, an entire chapter of easy-to-do miracle material has been included. These tricks require little if any sleight of hand, yet pack a wallop when performed. Even amateurs, armed with a marked deck and these “Instant Miracles” will be amazing spectators in no time!

    Best of all, Hidden in Plain Sight details the workings of the finest marked cards on the market, the Boris Wild Marked Deck. A lengthy chapter, written by Boris Wild himself, details the nuts and bolts of his stellar system, and includes two blockbuster tricks that will fool not only laymen but magicians as well!

    Magic Wand Pen & Marker

    A magic wand's tips can be removed revealing both a marker and a pen all in one!  What a great way to have a spectator sign their selected card, coin or magically sign your business card.   One end is a pen and the other end is a "magic marker".


    This wallet is beautifully made in "leather" with attention to all the detail's.

     "Showcase Wallet" from Michael Ammar

    Simply opening and closing the wallet can produce cards from nothing. Print your address and photo onto blank paper; restore torn pieces; or transform any small item into any other small item. A simple z-fold design makes it easy to do. Switch anything put on one side for something on the other side. Michael uses this wallet all the time in at his professional shows. Usually he'll keep one or two in his pocket and have it ready for when someone asks for a business card. Previously sold in vinyl, this wallet is now beautifully made in leather with attention to all the detail's.

    This wallet has many possibilities:
    --Transform a color drawing of your business card into a printed version.
    --Solve problems by restoring a shattered business card.
    --Produce money for a meal by writing a wish on a piece of paper.
    --Turn playing cards into your business card.
    --A drivers license and credit card can turn into family photos.
    --Switch out regular playing cards for gimmicked cards and vice-versa.
    --An empty case can magically refill with business card's.

    The effect: Someone asks you for a business card. You open this wallet and show it empty, claiming "shucks, I'm all out of business cards." Close the wallet, give a quick shake, then say, "But if I do this, they all come back again!", opening again to reveal a full set of business cards have appeared!
    There are other possible variations too: such as turning money into business cards, torn pieces into business cards, someone else's card into your card, etc. A simple design makes it possible and it's easy to do.


    Card Guard

    This superior guard of cards will protect your poker size pack from bending and warping. Constructed in stainless steel, sure to last a lifetime. Best quality and priced card guard on the market!

    A must for serious card workers!

     Fade Away from Jay Sankey
    A pack of cards is covered with a handkerchief.  A spectator is invited to take hold of the the cards through the cloth and cut the deck in half (and it is a completely fair cut.) The spectator takes a quick peek at whichever card they cut to and is give the deck, still wrapped in the handkerchief.  The magician urges the spectator to imagine that, "the ink on the every card but theirs is slowly fading away." And...sure enough, when the they unfold the handkerchief and spreads through the deck, they discover that every card, except the one they selected is now blank on both sides!  Yes the deck can be thoroughly examined.
    This killer effect features a little-known-but-absolutely-baffling force that makes the trick totally self-working.

    Comes complete with necessary deck of cards, including all the details on the ingenious handling and Jay's professional script.  Includes as a special bonus, his full-length routines "Bloodsucker" and "Blind-Ace"


    Performed by
    David Copperfield
    on National Television.

      AIRTIGHT from Jay Sankey
    It was already a hot item when David Copperfield first performed it on national television...but after that it took it's place among the most talked about effects in magic history. When Jay Sankey created AIRTIGHT, he created a magical moment so unique that it would stay with a spectator for a lifetime.

    You openly shuffle a deck of cards and then have one selected by a spectator. The card is signed and buried deep within the deck. You now introduce a bunch of clear balloons. (extra balloons available through us) The spectator chooses any balloon and you place it into your open hand. The deck is now openly slammed into the balloon and the deck is visibly pulled inside! The entire deck is now seen encased inside the balloon! To go a step further you inflate the balloon and shuffle the cards by shaking them around inside the balloon. You now openly grab the spectators selection through the wall of latex and pull it out of the still inflated balloon! It looks so amazing your spectators won't believe their eyes! Everything is immediately handed out as a souvenir.....the signed card and the balloon with the deck sealed inside are completely examinable!

    Now you too can perform AIRTIGHT, this manuscript fully details every aspect of the effect. It includes all the work on structuring the routine, handling, set up, staging, and more. This effect is so offbeat, that even guys who hate card magic flip when they see it! Comes with illustrated manuscript and balloons to get you going, (you provide your own deck of cards)...all for an insanely low price.

    21st Century Silks from Jay Scott Barry

    Jay Scott Berry's version of this classic Silk effect has been called "The Best Improvement Ever" and "a Perfect Illusion".

    The problem with the 20th Century Silks has always been that the "gimmicked" silk can be quite obvious. Jay's new method eliminates this problem and allows you to show 2 separate silks freely, even close-up, and then tie them together. A vanished silk then reappears tied between these two. Finally, all 3 silks can be immediately handed out for examination!

    This set includes 4 - 18" Diamond Cut silks, special gimmick and complete instructions to perform this amazing effect. Easy to do, great for close-up to stage.


    A Real Great Crowd Pleaser

    Play great for both Kids and Adults!

    (Standard Size shown above)

    Jumbo or Standard Poker Size Comparisons
     for any manufactured card.

    JUMBO card is 4.5" wide by 7" high.
    Standard Poker card is 2.5" wide by 3.5" high.

    JUMBO Split Deck
    Standard Poker Split Deck

    You show a prediction envelope and place it in full view throughout the routine.  Next you ask for two volunteers to join you.  

    You now show the jumbo or standard poker size deck box. You explain that each person will select a card from the deck.  When you remove the deck from the box you tell everyone that you did a show for some chefs, and when you asked them to cut the deck they really did cut the deck and you separate the cards!  

    Now you say that you want each volunteer to select a card from one half of the deck and if everything goes correctly (with a little magic dust) both of the halves will match exactly.  Not will both halves match, but the card selected should match the prediction you placed in full view earlier.  You now place the halves together and ask one of the participants to open up the prediction envelope and show the prediction to everyone...you now turn over the cards to show that they do indeed match the prediction exactly.

    A wonderful routine that can be done for large or small audiences, no sleight of hand is required for this effect.

    Highly recommended by Mr. Magic

    See Svengali Deck , Stripper Deck , One-Way Deck , and Mirage Deck  for other types of forcing decks.





    Standard Poker Bicycle

    Choose Either
    "Bicycle" or "Royal"
    Backed Cards

    Svengali Deck

    The most popular card trick deck of all time.

    A card is selected and returned to the pack which is then shuffled. The magician then feels the backs of the cards one at a time and is able to find the selected card by sensing which card is warmer from the spectators touch! The selected card is then shuffled into the pack again only to jump to the top of the deck. The cards are then cut once placing the selected card in the middle of the pack - but say the magic words and the selected card is on top again!

    Over 125 additional tricks are possible with the instructions from the booklet   101 Tricks with a Svengali Deck and the Video 25 Tricks with a Svengali Deck (available separately.)

    Available on Bicycle or Royal card stock. Please specify when ordering.



    Svengali Deck Book

    Learn 101 tricks with the Svengali Deck!
    Excellent book with instructions in clear detail.

    Svengali Deck not included. You need to have a Svengali Deck to do the tricks in this book, or you need to order one here.

    Click here for Video instructions for the Svengali Deck.


    Choose Either
    Bicycle or Royal
    Backed Cards

    Stripper Deck

    Another of the most versatile card decks available.

    A card is selected and returned to the deck. The magician then lets the SPECTATOR shuffle the deck completely losing their card in the middle of the pack. The deck is then handed back to the magician who cuts the cards one time and the selected card magically rises to the top of the deck! The card is then placed back in the middle of the pack and shuffled again by the spectator. Magically the magician takes the pack and removes the spectators selected card right out of the middle of the deck! This effect can be immediately repeated with a different card! Perform incredible feats of card magic which will make you look like a professional sleight-of-hand artist in just minutes.

    Find any selected card in the deck- instantly! Remove all four aces from the deck at the same time! Find a selected card after the deck has been shuffled by someone else! Make a selected card magically and suddenly appear - in your pocket! Seemingly pass a selected card right through a table! Magically separate the red cards from the black- in an instant! And more! Can be repeated immediately. No sleights necessary.

    Perform many tricks! Deck comes with instructions for six tricks.

     Stripper Deck Book and Stripper Deck Video are available if you want to learn more tricks.

    Available on Bicycle or Royal card stock. Please specify when ordering.




    Stripper Deck Book

    Learn 101 tricks with the Stripper Deck!
    Excellent book with instructions in clear detail.

    Stripper Deck not included. You will  need to have a Stripper Deck

    Click here for Video instructions for the StripperDeck.



    • The Invisible Deck, which does 99% of the work for you

    • A very clear set of instructions

    • An ingenious secret that will have people talking about you for a long time.

    • Bicycle backed card stock. Please specify RED or BLUE Backed when ordering.

    Invisible Deck
    Bicycle Back - Red or Blue

    Remove a deck of "Invisible Cards" from your pocket. Ask a spectator to remove the "Invisible Cards" from the box and shuffle them. Next, have him spread the "cards" face down on the table and remove any one. Have him "show" his imaginary card to the audience, but make sure he doesn't show it to you! Of course, he is to remember the name of his card! Now ask him to take the deck and spread it face-up on the table. He is to replace his card face down into the face-up deck. You take the "Invisible Cards" and put them back in your pocket. Remove a deck of visible cards from your pocket. Ask the spectator to name his card. Spread the deck. One card is turned over and proves to be the selected card!!! A miracle.
    Watch the absolutely STUNNED look on your spectators faces when you blow them away with this one.

    The Invisible Deck has been called the best card trick in the world. It's quick, easy and you get it right EVERY TIME!

    Select Color Back

    Scotch & Soda
    By Sterling Magic

    Most likely the most popular coin trick in the world! Requires no skill and can be learned in 5 minutes. Probably the first coin trick ever purchased by anyone that was interested in coin magic. The coins do all the work.

    Place the American Half Dollar and the Mexican Centavo (a copper color coin) in a spectator's hand. Close their hand, reach in and remove the half dollar. Now "invisibly" remove the copper coin. Of course, the spectator will insist that the copper coin is still in their closed hand, but when they open it, the copper coin has, in fact vanished...and has changed to an American quarter! Many astounding variations are possible with this precision-crafted set of coins.
    People who purchase this trick have also purchased the book & video!


    Scotch & Soda Book
    by Ken Simmons

    This 32 page booklet is packed full of information and routines using either the Scotch and Soda or Dime and Penny. Included is useful information on the coin sets themselves, their care and maintenance. Also described are three easy palming methods for these outstanding magical props! Once the basics have been covered, 18 incredible routines are presented with detailed descriptions. Learn such incredible routines as: The Teetotaler Coin, Coin Flight, Instant Location, Rapid Transit, Invisible Flight and others! Don’t limit yourself to the basic uses of these fabulous magical props. Use the ideas in this booklet to reach your full potential with these outstanding coin effects!
    People who purchase this trick & book have also purchased the video!


      See Demo Video

    Quarter Squeeze - Aluminum

    Several quarters penetrate a brass block one at a time. This happens under the closest scrutiny from spectators - who can surround the magician as the effect is performed.
    The aluminum block is wedged in between two aluminum rings and the quarters are dropped on top. There is apparently no way for the coins to penetrate the brass plug. Yet that is exactly what happens. One by one, the quarters filter through the block as if it were a sieve.

     Easy to do. Precision machined from aluminum.
     Complete with detailed instructions.



    2¼" Plastic Coated Buttons
    with a "magnet" and a "pin-back"

    Worlds Greatest Magician
    Worlds Worst Magician
    Very Attractive Buttons

    Add one or two of these 2 1/4 inch "circular" buttons to your close up arsenal. 
    Mr. Magic always wears one of each on his lapel when he performs close-up magic.  When performing, he tells the spectators to push either button after each trick...as they are hooked up to a computer which tallies the button "hits" during his presentation time...and this is how he gets paid from the company that hired him. 
    This always gets lots of laughs from everyone watching. Plus...they always want to hit the "Worlds Greatest Magician" button.

    Each button comes with a "magnet" and a "pin-back" so that you can decide on how to attach them to your jacket or shirt.

    Highly Recommended by Mr. Magic

    Guaranteed to let people know YOU are the magician!

    Worlds Greatest Magician

    Worlds Worst Magician


    Highly recommended by Mr. Magic

          Do You Believe In MAGIC?
    from M&R Games

    The magician begins by removing one of the cards from the plastic card case, labeled “Do You Believe in MAGIC?"  Printed on the front of this card is a "Magic Hat", a "Bunny" and a "Magic Wand". The magician then asks the helper if they really do believe in Magic, and if YES, would they like to perform the magic? The magician then removes the three other cards from case. Each card has an M&R Games Logo* on one side and one of the three symbols on the other side. The magician asks the helper to mix up the three cards, keeping them face down, and without looking at the other side

    The magician then starts by asking the helper to pick up any one of the cards for themselves, one for the magician, and one to put back in the card case. The choices of picking up any of the cards are always left up to the helper and they may change their mind before they commit to a selection.

    After all three cards have been selected, the Magician asks one final question to the helper, "Do you still believe in Magic?" Hopefully, they respond, "Yes."

    Then  the helper or the magician turns over the, “Do You Believe in Magic?” card, which has been on display the entire time and one of them reads what is written on the other side, with complete accuracy, as to where each of the cards with the symbols are now located!

    The magician reminds the helper that they really must have Believed in Magic as they just made the Magic happen all by themselves!

    A wonderful and thought performing effect. Easy to do!
    "DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC?" uses no switches or sleight of hand! Everything may be examined!

    *Your Personalized Logo can be Printed for an additional fee...contact us!


    12 blinking lights!

    Comes complete with
    2 "AA" batteries!

    Merlin's Magical Hat from Chris Kenworthey

    This hat is modeled after the late, great, Merlin! The Wizard's hat has a moon and a variety of stars, that will definitely light up the room. Grabs attention immediately and lets them know immediately you are a magician to be reckoned with. Great for a laugh at both adult and children's shows and sure to earn the respect of your peers. Perfect for Halloween!

    This hat is "adult" sized and made of beautiful BLACK VELOUR and features 12 blinking lights!
    Name one thing that would be cooler than a "real" Wizard's Hat with  12 blinking lights...
    Couldn't think of one, could you? Well how about this: It comes with 2 "AA" Batteries!

    Highly Recommended by Mr. Magic
    Click here to see him with this hat during one of his close-up performances.

    Note: He also tells us that he supplied these hats for a Magical Fund Raising Dinner and the Group of 10 that ordered them won the prize for the best costuming for the event!


    Magic Wand

    An essential accoutrement for every magician.

    This is the traditional 10" magic wand (made of durable plastic) that every budding sorcerer requires.

    Breakaway MAGIC Wand
    Made for laughs - this wand is perfectly normal when held by performer. However, when handed to a spectator, the wand COLLAPSES into a crooked, limp, loose-jointed number of broken sections. When returned to performer, wand instantly becomes straight. Fabulous comedy potential, and kids really love it!
    VERY FUNNY.  Excellent plastic construction.



    Bicycle Backs
    (Numbers and Suits of the 2 matched cards
    will vary, the other 11 will be blank.)

    White Out
    (Includes 13 regular "Bicycle" Backed Cards)

    The Spectator selects "one" of the "twelve" face down cards.  Show them you had previously selected another card and had set it aside, as a prediction.  When they turn over the card they selected, and turn over your prediction card, they will both match.  Obviously the spectator will think all the cards are the same, ask them to turn them all over...and watch the shock and amazement on their face when they see all the cards are "blank".

     See below for the "52 on 1" card that can be used with this trick.

    Highly recommended by Mr. Magic



    (Bicycle RED or BLUE back)
             53 On 1 by Daryl
                     (Bicycle RED or BLUE back)

    This is a single, poker size, red or blue Bicycle Rider backed card that is 100% perfect in every detail...and includes the Joker
    This is a HIGH Quality card that has been expertly printed exclusively by the U.S. Playing Card Company.

    (Put this card on the top of the "White Out" cards and then deal it face down...tell the spectator you know the card they are thinking, then after showing them, do the "White Out" trick.

    Please note - no instructions are included.
    Back Color of Card

    Card Color

    52 on 1 Card ("Bicycle" backed card)

    The perfect gag card. The magician says that he'll find the spectator's selected card.
    Producing the "52 on 1" card triumphantly.
    Of course the selection is on this card...
    all 52 cards are!

    (Put this card on the top of the "White Out" cards and then deal it face down...tell the spectator you know the card they are thinking, then after showing them, do the "White Out" trick.


    Highly recommended by Mr. Magic

    Number Mystery Outdone

     An improved version of a classic trick. The spectator is shown six cards. Unlike older versions of this trick, BOTH SIDES of the cards are freely displayed.
    Using the cards and a the magician's superior mental ability, it is a simple matter to tell the spectator their age, how much change they have in their pocket, or what number they're thinking of.
    No complicated calculations are necessary. Comes to you ready to work.
    No sleight of hand, forcing or complicated gimmicks are necessary


    Feel the Color

    A card trick without playing cards. This sensational trick can be done blindfolded - literally. The magician displays four colored cards, and hands them to the spectator. With his back turned, the magician instructs the spectator to select one of the four cards, and them place all four cards on the table. Even with a blindfold, the magician can then discern which of the four cards were selected - apparently by sense of touch alone.

    Easy to do. Full secret and professional instructions included with all necessary props.

    The Princess Card Trick

    Five playing cards are freely shown. Any spectator merely thinks of just one of the cards. Without a word being spoken or a question asked, Magician removes one of the cards. It's the spectator's thought of card… and may be immediately repeated! Perform for one or one hundred, it's entirely self-contained!

    Also includes Steve Kirshenbaum's Hypnosis Routine and Krenz's Optional Finish along with Hank Moorehouse's Presentation!

    One of our most popular tricks!
     It's easy, and absolutely astounding!


     Pads contain 20 (approx 2" x 3") sheets.

    Sheets contain 4 (approx 8" x 9") sheets.
    (48 2" x 3" sheets when you cut them yourself.)

    M&R Games LLC is not responsible for any misuse or injury that may occur due to carelessness on the part of the performer.

    Flash Pads  or  Flash Sheets
    High impact FLASH for any performance situation!  Highly Recommended!
    NOTE: All Flash Paper is
    SHIPPED WET as required by Law!

    Flash Pad Sheets are a convenient and quick way to use small pieces of Flash Paper. 20 2" x 3" (approximately) Pad Sheets.

    Flash Sheets are ideal for use with almost any flash gun, wand, or other device. SAVE MONEY---Cut them to your desired size.
    You receive 4 Sheets approximately 8" x 9" .
    (48  2" x 3" sheets when you cut them your self.)

    Not for sale to minors.
    Warning! Flash Pads use fire and are inherently dangerous. They are designed and sold to be used by professional adult entertainers. These items are not to be sold to or to be used by minors. Please read and follow all instructions before using Flash Pads or any other Fire Magic items.



    Flash Paper "Book"

    Within this softbound book (28 pages) from, Magic City, you will find  a great amount of knowledge on how to perform quality routines during your performances -- using Flash Pads or Flash Sheets.

    The Basics and the Effects

    General Ideas Bar Bet Incandescent ID
    Haystack Vanish Suspension Surprise Flash Prediction
    KNO3 Prediction A Blazing Change Scorch It
    String Spark Circle Flash Glow Rope
    Flaming Spook Two in Hand--Poof! 3 on a Match
    Vanished Restoration Can you Match That? Pellet Passage
    9 Inch Silks
    9" Silks

     6 Choices of Colors to meet you magical needs.
     100% Silk -- NOT a blend, very nice quality.

    $2.00 individually


     $21.00 for a "Dozen" Assortment
    (Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Yellow, Emerald,
    Fuchsia, Lemon, Orange, Turquoise, Violet)

    (that's only $1.75 a silk)
    Color Desired

    Dozen "Assortment" Only

    6 Inch Silks
    6" Silks

     3 Choices of Colors to meet you magical needs.
     100% Silk -- NOT a blend, very nice quality.

    $1.50 individually
    Color Desired

    The Very Best Finger Chopper!

    You must certify that you are an
    Adult (18 or older) when placing your order
    for this
    Finger Chopper

    Mickey Hades Improved
    Finger Chopper

    Highly Recommended for Close Up Performances!

    Ask all spectators to examine both pieces of this two piece guillotine style finger chopper. They find the blade to be solid, and the stocks solid as well.
    You then take the two pieces back, and place "your" finger in opening center of the "stocks". You then slam down the blade, as spectators watch the blade slide through from the top hole to the bottom hole ... but your finger remains miraculously intact!
    Remove your finger and the blade and
    hand both pieces to the spectators for further examination. To the spectator this a miracle. Hand-crafted in wood and built to meet the exacting demands of the working professional.

    Not for sale to minors.

    M&R Games LLC is not responsible for any misuse or injury that may occur due to carelessness on the part of the performer.

    Highly recommended by Mr. Magic

    Limited Quantity


    (Coins not included)

    Magic Coin Slider-Black

    The Magician borrows a coin, and places it in the magic coin slider. The drawer is then slid closed. After the Magician says the magic words, the drawer is slid opened and the coin is GONE! Once again the drawer is slid closed, again the magic words are spoken, the coin has RETURNED!
    Simple and easy to do, entirely self-working!

    * NOTE: This Magic Coin Slider is far superior than any other version available at this price!
    Unlike the originals made in the 1940's and 50's, which only worked with a U.S. Dime, this version will work with a Dime, Penny, Nickel or Quarter! In fact, due to it's deeper design, up to 3 Quarters can be made to appear and disappear! You can even transform a Quarter into 2 Dimes and a Nickel! And because of the top quality, this prop should last a generation or two. It's the best Magic Coin Slider we've ever seen!

    (Not recommended for Children under three years)

    Only a few left


    Magic Coin Slider-Green

    The Magician borrows a coin, and places it in the magic coin slider. The drawer is then slid closed. After the Magician says the magic words, the drawer is slid opened and the coin is GONE! Once again the drawer is slid closed, again the magic words are spoken, the coin has RETURNED!
    Simple and easy to do, entirely self-working!
    (Not recommended for Children under three years)




    The magician shows how to "snap" a rubber-band that is already placed at the end of the Snapper. Try as though the spectator may, they will never be able to snap it. But, works every time...for you, the magician. Very simple to learn and extremely easy to perform. A classic for every beginner!


    Professors NightmareProfessors Nightmare
    Highly Recommended by Mr. Magic
    (Rope Color you receive is White)
    Professors Nightmare

    You display three pieces of rope, each of different lengths. You then fold the pieces into your hand and when you stretch out the pieces they're all the same length! You then fold the pieces into your hand again and when you stretch the ropes out again, they're back to normal. Comes complete with white ropes and routine.


    Make a lit cigarette completely vanish! Make 10 dimes appear from an empty rolled-up dollar bill! Produce a silk handkerchief (sold separately) from thin air! Change a packet of sugar into a sugar cube! Change a few normal coins into a key by "melting" them together in your bare hands! And more!

    Doing magic with a borrowed cigarette, especially when it vanishes at the end, is a polite and fun way to tell someone "please don't smoke". Handy in restaurant situations or anywhere that someone's smoke is bothering others.
    Check out our
    20 Tricks with Thumb Tips DVD

     Vernet Thumb Tip

  • This is the quality Standard Vernet tip, made of plastic. It is 3 1/8" in circumference. The Standard thumb tip is the size worn by more than 90% of our adult customers.

    The one "must have" gimmick for every magician!  Probably the most popular and most used device in magic, this utility device makes it possible to vanish silks, cigarettes, salt- even water- in your bare hand. You can use it to produce items as well! Keep one of these in every pocket- you'll use it often!

    Vernet Thumb Tip comes with
    basic operating instructions only

    To get the most out of this amazing gimmick, we strongly recommend that you also purchase our DVD which actually demonstrates and teaches the correct way to use the Thumb Tip as well as some amazing routines using this clever gimmick.

  • $3.00

                     IMP Bottle

    The Imp Bottle is another simple yet puzzling trick that you can perform almost immediately. With just a little practice you will be able to demonstrate that whenever the bottle is placed on the table it remains on its side.  Yet when you offer the bottle to the spectator they are unable to keep it laying on its side...it keeps popping back up.  They return it to you and you immediately lay it down and it remains on its side.


    Blow Bottle

    This small but amazing prop, has shocked many experienced magicians. You begin by blowing into straw, attached to the small bottle, which causes the string, which is looped through the top and bottom of the bottle, to move in a circular direction, like a chain saw.
    Now, take your magic wand, a pencil, a pen, a straw, a hoop and slowly and visibly penetrate the moving string.  This is so astonishing...plus it is one of the very few tricks that can be immediately repeated!

    YOUNG KIDS really get a kick out seeing this done...plus the parents too!



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