< NAME OF LEAGUE or AREA      (Will appear at the top of each game page.)                                  
    < DIVISION &/or SEASON.         (Will appear at the top of each game page.)                                  
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  Instructions for Entering Team Information and Player Information--IN YELLOW AREAS ONLY.                                  
    1--FIRST Enter your Registration # below and then Enter League, Division and School Team Information above.                                  
    2--Enter all your Players' Names and #'s below as you want them to appear for the season. (Maximum players-18)                                  
    3--GAME TABS--Click the appropriate " Game # " tab at the bottom of the screen to enter individual game statistics, YELLOW areas only.                                   
         REMINDERS for the Game Tabs: If a player played in the game, check the box to the far right of their name. Check the "Win/Loss" column at the top                                  
         of each game page.  Individual game stats are automatically added to the "TOTAL GAMES" tab located at the end of Game 40* (Maximum Games-40*).                                  
    4--PRINTING--Click the "Print" icon button at the top left corner of each GAME SHEET and the GAME TOTALS SHEET.                                  
    5--Two "Stats Sheets" are provided for your on the court use. See the "Game Stats Sheet" and the "Shot Locations" tab, located directly after the                                   
        "TOTAL GAMES" tab.  If you desire you can enter information in the YELLOW areas before clicking the "Print" icon to print out the sheet.                                  
    6--When you are ready to start a new season or delete the statistics for a particular game, click the "Clear Game" icon at the top of each "Game" page                                  
         To delete all Players names and League information from this page and subsequent "Game" pages, click the "Clear Names" icon below.                                  
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          Clear Names
        Click the "Clear Names" icon to delete all Players & League info on this page.                                  
        See the "Definitons" tab below for clarification of statistic rules or results.                                  
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