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Fun Games for the Entire Family
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The Golf Game You Play While Playing Golf!

With TAG GOLF you can
Bet on the Fun!

...the golf game you play while
playing golf!

TAG GOLF --- since 1995,
the finest golf game played while playing golf.

PLUS Low First Class Shipping

for your "Golfing" friends!

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Birdie Card

Plus -- learn how easy it is to play, with your favorite foursome,
at your next golf game.

PLUS Low First Class Shipping


  With TAG GOLF you can Bet on the Fun! SM

Customer comments:
"What a great game to play while playing golf" ..."It helps us all concentrate on playing better shots!"  "...its the best betting game we have ever played" "...so simple to use, we play it every week" ... My wife loves playing it!" ...
"We've all heard about 'Hooked on Phonics', well we have to tell you, we're "Hooked on TAG GOLF"

RV'ers really enjoy this game!

  LCR Dice Game
Comes with a Handy Plastic Carrying Case
for the 3 Dice and the 24 chips!
"Chip Colors"
(Green, Blue, Yellow, Red)


Chip Color


LCR - Left Center Right Dice Game

An exciting game that everyone's getting hooked on, "Left Center Right" LCR is simple and fast-paced. Provides hours of fun for the whole family.  For 3 or more players.

To start the game, you need three LCR cubes, at least three players, and three chips for each player. Coins can be used in place of chips for additional players. After determining which player starts the game, the first player rolls the three cubes. The number of L's, C's, R's or Dots rolled dictate where the player's chips go.

The number of L's indicates the amount of chips to be passed to the player on the left. The number of R's indicates the amount of chips to be passed to the player on the right. The number of C's indicates the amount of chips to be placed in the center pot. The Dots are neutral and players neither pass nor place chips in the pot for any Dots rolled.

When a player has any 1 or 2 chips, he rolls only 1 or 2 cubes. If a player has no chips, he is still in the game, but passes the cubes to the next player. The last player with all the chips is the winner.

Includes the three special dice and 24 chips (various colors).



Your Choice:
Standard 5/8"
(16mm) Dice
White, Red, Blue. Green
Large Plastic 1"
(25mm) Dice
(for easier viewing)
Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow


Includes 6 dice, Zip-lock carry bag,
score sheets & rules.

RV'ers really enjoy this game!

FARKLE our price $3.99

Become a FARKLE fanatic with this classic dice-rolling, risk-taking game. Take a risk and keep rolling to build your score, or play it safe so you don't lose your rolled points with a FARKLE. It's a fight to the finish in this fabulously fun game of strategy and luck.

  • Extremely easy to learn

  • Great family fun

  • Fast paced educational game

  • The dice game that involves nerves and luck.

  • Another favorite of RV'ers

  • Great price

  • Small, lightweight & compact for traveling.

  • Your choice of Standard 5/8" (16mm) Dice, or Larger 1" (25mm) Plastic Dice for easier viewing when rolled.

Includes Six Dice
Zip-lock carry bag, score sheets & rules.
For 2 or more players, ages 8 & up.


Single 5 = 50          Four of any number = 1,000
Single 1 = 100        Five of any number = 2,000
Three 1s = 300      Six of any number = 3,000
Three 2s = 200      1-6 straight = 1,500
Three 3s = 300       Three pairs = 1,500
Three 4s = 400       Four of any number with a pair = 1,500
Three 5s = 500       Two triplets = 2,500
Three 6s = 600       3 FARKLES in a row lose 1,000 points

We Have The Lowest Price Anywhere!
We guarantee it!
Dice Size & Color


Need Additional or Replacement Dice
Only $0.35 each (minimum order 10)

Dice Size & Color


Hand and Foot Card Game
Click to enlarge

Contents of Canasta Hand and Foot card game:
4 decks (216 Cards) plus Rules
RV'ers also enjoy this game!




Hand and Foot is a North American version of Canasta that's perfect for four players, although it can be played by any number of even players.

The goal is to get rid of your cards from your hand, then your foot, by laying them down in rows. The team with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Hand and Foot contains four decks for quadruple the fun! Two hundred and sixteen custom bridge-size playing cards were designed specifically for this popular game. All of the cards include point values on them for ease of play. Lay down rows of cards and add to them, create books (clean and dirty), and watch out for the infamous Mammoth cards.

  • Hand & Foot Canasta with point values directly on each card for ease of learning and play!
  • Easy to Learn! Fun to Play
  • 4 decks of cards for one low price
  • You can easily play classic Canasta or Hand & Foot Canasta
6 in One Game Set
Originally $9.95
now only $6.95

A wonderful gift idea for a housewarming or graduation, this handsome briefcase contains the classic games of dominoes, chess, checkers, backgammon, cribbage, and cards.
Perfect for trips, the case features a chess and checkers board inside and divided compartments for the game pieces. Handsome vinyl leather looking case with handle; snaps closed for secure carrying and storage.

Comes boxed for easy gift wrapping!


6 in One Game Set
Variety of Games for the Entire Family!

6 in 1 Game Set

10" x 5" x 2" --- Weight 1lb 10oz

Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Cribbage, Dominoes, Playing Cards
Recommended for ages 14 & up


Originally $3.95
now only $2.00

Great Travel Game!
Players select their own color discs and take turns placing their discs one by one until one forms a row of four (4) in any direction.

Boxed for easy gift wrapping!
Apple Chess
Apple Chess

Size 5 x 4 inches
(Not for children under 3 years)

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