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Chicago Sun Times  July 28th, 2006 -- Chris Whitehead
Your a Genius. Honest!

For those insecure about the benefits of moisturizing, maybe a Yes Man doll is in order. Hmm. Moisture cream or moisture gel? "I'm sure whatever you're thinking is correct," the doll says. Or let's try the eye gel. "What more can I say? When you're right, you're right." This kind of advice is priceless, so $27.95 is a deal. Get the guy from www.mandrgames.com.

And think about picking up the Whiner Doll, too. Same price, but it says things like "It was all my fault," and "How could I have been so stupid?" More creepily, it says "I'm a disease, I make myself sick." Both dolls will let you record your own phrases. You could make them both sing "Silver Bells."

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Your a Genius. Honest

Wall Street Journal   July 25th, 2006 -- Jared Sandberg
How to you say no to a YES MAN?

"The problem is you can't say "no" to a yes man. Having rarely uttered it, they don't value the currency of a "no." This is not about the get-lost "no," but even the most well reasoned, softly peddled, bad-for-the-bottom-line "no." No matter how deftly delivered, a "no" to a yes man is transformed into one of corporate America's most career-limiting charges: you're not a team player.

To avoid that, you might become one of the legions of yes men, now co-modified and electronic. Online, you can get feedback from "Virtual Yes Man," at the Virtual Reality Amusement Company Web site. Click on a button that reads, "Press here for affirmation," and up pops a window that says things like, "What are you talking about? I thrive on pressure. Bring it on." Or for $27.95, you can buy a little seven-inch Yes Man doll who says, among other things, "What more can I say? When you're right, you're right."

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How do you say no to a YES MAN?

Catholic Digest  January, 2006 -- Benny & Joon

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