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Seasonal Magic


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Deluxe Model
In this Deluxe Version you receive a Christmas Tree on the back of the Santa Clause. 
So you can do mis-made Christmas Tree instead of the Santa.
Remember, when comparing other models of this trick, most are much smaller in size and do not have the Christmas Tree on the reverse, which gives you TWO tricks in ONE!

Santa Stuck in The Chimney      Santa Stuck in The Chimney
Front                          Back
The Chimney stands
a full 15 inches high.
Santa Clause and Tree are divided into three
each being 3 1/2 inches square by 1 1/2 inches wide.
 Weight 3.25 lbs

Santa Stuck in The Chimney
Deluxe Model
Santa Clause just can't seem to get down the chimney in one piece! The magician stacks three large wooden blocks with Santa Clause on them and covers everything with a "chimney."

Every time he lifts the chimney, the blocks are out of order until the magician saves the day and puts Santa together in the right order!

This deluxe version contains much larger, and more easily visible blocks, with
black base, and painted chimney.

Remember, when comparing other models of this trick, most are much smaller in size and do not have the Christmas Tree on the reverse, which gives you TWO tricks in ONE!


Change Bag Christmas Change Bag Christmas

Stocking Change Bag Perfect for those Holiday Season shows, this normal-working change bag is designed to look like a stocking!

Quality-made with durable materials and solid oak handle-single change.


Packaged in a Large
Christmas Style


Soc-O-Magic Kit # 3
Packaged in a Large
Christmas Style Stocking

The perfect gift for any new or budding magician!  You'll learn how to entertain friends and develop fun new skills.
Makes an ideal starting point for those interested in Magic, as a hobby.
Magic Ball and Vase  ---  Penny to Dime
Snapper  ---  In and Out
Crazy Cube  ---  Magic Wizard Card Deck
PLUS : A 40 page booklet containing
“110 Unbelievable Magic Tricks with the Magic Wizard Deck”.



This magic kit is the perfect introduction to the secret world of magic.

Amazing Magic Kit

DVD included
(42 colorful minutes)
Kit comes complete with all needed
props for the video. Plus a full color booklet with more tricks included in the kit.

Kids of all ages will have lots of fun learning how to mysteriously float cards in the air and make balls melt through cups.

The kit begins with easy tricks and builds to more advanced magic. Truly magical and fun to learn.

 Adults can also learn and perform these entertaining tricks for their adult friends as well.

Amazing Magic Kit for
"Kids" of All Ages
(ages 6 and older)

Are you looking for a kids magic kit? Look no further than the Amazing Kids Magic Kit. This is the only kids magic kit that is designed specifically for kids ages 6-12, and makes learning magic tricks fun and easy!

Your child will learn exciting magic tricks in this different DVD format... "Kids Teaching Kids DVD"...Kids are the stars of this DVD...kids are the ones performing, and the ones demonstrating how the magic tricks are done.

When kids teach the magic tricks on the DVD that comes with this magic kit, your kids will learn to do magic tricks extra quick. That's because kids teach the magic tricks in a language that other kids can understand.
Included in the Amazing Magic Kit

  • The "Kids Teaching Kids" -- DVD Video

  • 5 large cups

  • 14 inch wand

  • Jumbo 2.5 inch coin

  • 5 small cups

  • 3 giant playing cards

  • 1 large ball

  • 4 small balls

  • Easy-to-follow coaching book with 22 other tricks & gags.


Forgetful Rudolph
3.375 lbs. This effect is beautifully made and is about 15" high and 16" wide. It uses wing nuts and bolts to be easily taken apart and folded flat. It is silk-screened in 5 different, vibrant colors. The Christmas vanishing handkerchief can be used for other effects.
Forgetful Rudolph
The Red Nosed Reindeer

 A model of an absentminded Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is shown to the spectators, and the magi talks about how Rudolph is very forgetful. He forgets where he put his Christmas list and how to get things ready for his famous Christmas Eve ride. He is so forgetful that he once forgot where he left his nose. As the magus says this he takes the nose from the body and vanishes it in the devil's napkin that is provided with the effect. He then takes a balloon, blows it up, and places it where the nose was on the body.
Rudolph is very unhappy as the other reindeer call him names and make fun of him because of his balloon nose. The magus tells how Santa has a conversation with Forgetful Rudolph where he tells him how unhappy he is to have him "lose his nose". Santa gets a promise from Rudolph that he will bring all the good little girls and boys something extra and try not to forget things anymore, and he restores his nose with a few magic words. The balloon "magically" pops, and Rudolph's nose is restored. This is a brilliant trick for children and grownups of all ages.


One Handed Change Bag
Comes with FREE "American Flag Silk Blendo"
One Handed Magic
Zippered Change Bag

A wonderful utility prop that can be used for many effects!

You display a cloth bag attached to a wooden handle. The bag is turned inside out, the zippered bottom can even be opened, and shown to be completely empty. A moment later you reach inside and produce....well, just about anything!
With this Magic Makers One-Handed bag, the secret move can be done so quickly that you or your assistant can drop the object into the bag, then immediately reach back inside to find it has vanished or changed!

The bag can be used for vanishes, restorations,  restorations, productions, and more.

Flag Silk Blendo


Paper Hat TearsPaper Hat Tears
Wizard (12)              Santa (12)

Paper Hat Tears  Paper Hat Tears
Bonnet (10)              Party Hat (10)

       Clown (12)       Happy Birthday (10)

Paper Hat Tears

The magician is joined on stage by a volunteer from the audience and displays two large pieces of tissue paper and tears the pieces in half.
One half is handed to the volunteer and the magician holds onto the other half.  Both the magician and the volunteer tear their paper into as many small pieces and roll them into a tight ball.

The magician retrieves the volunteer's ball of paper and squeezes them with his pieces. After the volunteer says the magic word, the magician unrolls the pieces in his hand and somehow the paper has transformed into a Hat which is given to the volunteer to keep.

  • This is really Fun to Perform

  • Great for Kids and Adults

  • Easy to use and a great give away

  • Comes with instructions and basic routine

  • Contains 10 or 12 Hat Tears (see left)

    Watch demo  VIDEO CLIP ... this Video demonstrates the "Wizard" &  "Bonnet" Hat Tear... but applies for any of the Paper Hat Tears!

  • $10.95

    Hat Type

    Perfect For
    Reindeer Noses!

    Sponge Balls 2"
    4  -  2" Balls in each pack

    Sponge Balls 1 1/4"
    4  -  1 ¼" Balls in each pack

    Sponge Balls from Empire
    Two Sizes  - 2 Inch or 1¼ Inch - Red Only

    One in the pocket, one in the hand - right? No - None in the pocket and two in the hand. The sponge balls have entertained audiences for decades.

    Sponge Balls are great for magicians, clowns, storytellers, M.C.'s and mimes. This is truly an effect that packs small and plays BIG!

    These are no ordinary sponge balls. They are SUPER SOFT sponge balls. These are so soft, they seem to disappear simply by closing the hand. You can load four of these in the spectator's hand and he will actually believe he is holding just one ball. These are one the finest sponge balls made. Treat yourself to the best.

    Sponge balls magically appear and disappear within the spectator's hands. 4 balls with instructions.

    Many customers have also ordered our Sponge Balls Magic DVD at the same time.
                                  Sponge Ball DVD
    Sponge Ball Size

    12 blinking lights!

    Merlins Magic Hat

    Comes complete with
    2 "AA" batteries!

    Merlin's Magical Hat from Chris Kenworthey

    This hat is modeled after the late, great, Merlin! The Wizard's hat has a moon and a variety of stars, that will definitely light up the room. Grabs attention immediately and lets them know immediately you are a magician to be reckoned with. Great for a laugh at both adult and children's shows and sure to earn the respect of your peers. Perfect for Halloween!

    This hat is "adult" sized and made of beautiful BLACK VELOUR and features 12 blinking lights!
    Name one thing that would be cooler than a "real" Wizard's Hat with  12 blinking lights...
    Couldn't think of one, could you? Well how about this: It comes with 2 "AA" Batteries!

    Highly Recommended by Mr. Magic
    Click here to see him with this hat during one of his close-up performances.

    Note: He also tells us that he supplied these hats for a Magical Fund Raising Dinner and the Group of 10 that ordered them won the prize for the best costuming for the event!


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    Magic can be easy and fun to learn, especially when you can watch a Professional on a DVD and at a great  price.
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