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Captain and Coke
  • Custom Machined Gimmick

  • Magnetic Locking System

  • Easy-to-Do

  • Classic and Advanced Handlings

  • Double Coin Bend Routine

  • DCD Runtime Approx 35 Minutes

"The routine is easy to do and the coins are superbly made. I'm very excited about this."  - David Roth

"I love Captain & Coke! The trick and the drink!!"
- Magick Balay

"It's a perfect update, magicians on every level are gonna want one... I'm getting two!'"
- Steve Dane

Captain & Coke 2.0


The ultimate modern version of Scotch & Soda just got better! Brought to you by The Blue Crown, Captain & Coke 2.0 is made with a US quarter and penny - no more fishy coins that nobody has ever seen before! You could even borrow some change and then perform with your gimmick!
The custom-made Captain & Coke 2.0 magnetic gimmick is precisely crafted to exacting specifications.
The magnetic locking system makes it easier than ever to perform this pocket-sized miracle!

Borrow and Give Away the Coins!

On the DVD, Kevin Reylek takes you step-by-step through the design and operation of the gimmick, and he also teaches routines that can be performed by beginner or advanced magicians. There is even a variation that allows you to give away the coins at the end! The Captain & Coke 2.0 gimmick works perfectly for any Scotch & Soda routine and is ideal for any venue or performing style.


Exact Change

"As real as it gets!" - Banacheck
"A beautiful perfect thing." - Paul Harris
"That's amazing!" - Bob Cassidy
"This fooled me entirely! I'm an instant fan and want to do it asap!" - Joshua Jay
"You fried me, I want to put this in my repertoire immediately!" - John Kennedy
"I love being fooled! How do I put this in my next TV special?" - Cyril

Note: Exact Change can be done with US and Canadian coins only.

EXACT Change
from Gregory Wilson
Your 1 - 100 Prediction
Is Right On The Money!

A soon-to-be-stunned spectator gives you a number from 1-100. You remove all the change from your pocket and the total matches exactly!

In Greg's professional repertoire for years, it's a perfectly direct and deceptive feat of mentalism that has impressed some of the best minds in magic!

It's easy to do. You start clean, end clean, can turn your pocket inside out or (if you're cheeky enough) have a spectator reach in for the outcome herself. Plus, it comes with 36 remarkable routines to overwhelm your senses!

Resets instantly. No palming. No forcing. No tailoring. No place it can't be done. The instructional DVD, fine leather money clip and custom-designed "secret weapon" will make you look like a master mentalist in minutes!


GYP Necklace

Looks like real pearls!

GYP Necklace - Vernet

You show a beautiful necklace made of "poppit" beads and give it to the audience to be examined. Then ask anyone to call a number. You pull the necklace apart showing a long string of beads and give it to the spectator. Then ask him to pull on the ends of the necklace and the string breaks at the exact chosen number.

-You can repeat the effect with different chosen numbers
-Look like real pearls
-It's always ready
-Can be repeated immediately
-No skill required


- Bonus: Comes with Safety Glasses -
100 Billet Catch

Click for larger image

100 Billet Catch

The $100 Billet Catch

- Bonus: Comes with Safety Glasses -

WARNING: Wear eye protection, such as Safety Goggles/Glasses when popping any balloon near your face. Keep balloons and balloon pieces away from children and animals at all times.

You certify that you are an Adult (18 or older) when placing your order for The $100 Billet Catch.
Not for sale to minors.

M&R Games LLC is not responsible for any misuse or injury that may occur due to carelessness on the part of the performer.

$100 Billet Catch
from Aaron Smith

The world's deadliest magic trick, now funnier than ever! With only a couple of ordinary props, all of which fit in your pocket, you can fill the whole stage with magic, comedy, and suspense. Sure, bullets are frightening, but today, money goes so fast it's scary!

A signed $100 dollar bill magically travels from the spectator's "hand gun," through the air, popping a balloon along the way, and the magician catches the bill in his teeth! You get to mess with your audience's minds, bullet catch style, without risking your own brains!

Any currency! Any denomination! Best bang for your buck since the canon! Resets in seconds! Easy to perform! 100% less death than the original bullet catch!

A spectator with a $100 bill is chosen from the audience. He or she signs their bill and the magician loads it into a "hand gun" (the spectator's hand). The spectator, now armed, cocks the gun and aims it at the magician's face twenty feet across the stage.

The magician inflates a balloon and holds it in his teeth. After a dramatic moment of pause, the "gun" is "fired" and the balloon pops! There, wrapped in a few shards of balloon still held in the magician's teeth, is the spectator's signed $100 bill! The spectator opens the gun chamber - their hand - and the $100 bill they were holding is gone!

The $100 Billet Catch comes with complete instructions, a supply of balloons, and a special gimmick. Because the bill is wrapped in pieces of balloon, money never touches your mouth directly. Included in the instructions are a series of patter lines and jokes to make this a centerpiece to any show. A simple trick that balloons into a bang!

100 Billet Catch
Click for larger image

With Safety Glasses
Now Only


Color Change Feather Rings

Highly Recommended by
Mr. Magic

Great for both kids and adult shows!
Color Change Feather Rings

The black bag is shown to be empty. Then three white feather wreaths are shown. One by one they are placed into a black bag. A white wreath is placed into the bag, and then a red colored silk is introduced and placed thru the center hole in the bag, you reach back into the bag and remove the wreath...but wait, as you are pulling it out, the wreath has now turned to red and pulls out the red colored silk. Repeat with the blue and yellow silk with the same results.  Now for the finale, you place the three colored wreaths back into the bag, place the three silks into the center hole and pull out the wreaths, along with the silks...remove the silks from the wreaths and toss the three wreaths into the air and they magically turn into a giant 36 inch multi-colored wreath! WOW!!!

Comes complete with everything you need to perform:
Black Cloth Bag
1 red, 1yellow and 1blue silk
3 white wreaths
1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue wreath
The special large 36 inch multi-colored wreath
Detailed instructions.

Order The Amazing Little Red Box if you want to have the 3 silks to magically appear, instead of just showing them.
The combination of these two effects really makes an impression of your magical skills!


Star Himber Wallet

Measures 3.5 inches by 5 inches.
Its just 1/2 inch thick and has no straps.
There are spaces for credit cards, money, business cards and anything else you put in your regular wallet!

Star Himber Wallet
from Anthony Miller

Imagine a wallet that allows you to have a selected card signed and with NO SLEIGHT OF HAND, it vanishes from the pack and appears inside the zippered compartment of your hip pocket wallet! In fact, you can even have the wallet laying on the table in FULL VIEW! This is a pro-level effect! Imagine doing this and many other reputation making effects with cards, bills, credit cards and many other items, ALL with one magnificent wallet!

•Made from genuine virgin calf-skin.
•Has spaces for credit cards, money, business cards and anything else you put in your regular wallet!
•Does double duty as a Kaps-type Loading wallet!
•Does triple duty as a Bombshell-type wallet!
•One of the nicest looking Himber-type wallets made



Enchanted Necklace
Click photo to enlarge.

The ENCHANTED NECKLACE is a strong piece of magic that can be used with a wide variety of presentations.
A very well made prop, that is totally mechanical, and very easy to do.

Enchanted Necklace

Show a long clear acrylic tube containing a stack of colored beads. You empty the beads into a bowl to show that they are all separate and unattached. Both the acrylic tube and the beads can be inspected. One by one, the beads are dropped back into the tube. When the acrylic tube is full, the beads are tossed up into the air and the magically string together to form a necklace!

This has always been a popular effect with magicians and audiences alike.

Vanishing Box
Measures 3.5 x 2.25 x 1.5 inches.

 View Clip

The Vanishing Box
Make a small object (ring/coin) disappear...

The Vanishing Box, known as the Professional Rattle Box to working magicians, instantly vanishes a coin, ring, and other small object!

A spectators marked coin or ring is dropped into a small hardwood box and the lid is slid closed. The magician shakes the box, rattling the coin/ring inside, and gives it to a spectator to hold. When the box is opened, the coin has vanished!

 Great for using on stage or close-up and having the item reappear at another location.

High quality function and feel. Easy to do!


Color Changing Shoelaces
Actual shoelaces are
Green, Yellow & Red

Show a yellow shoelace and pull it through your hand; it changes to green. The kids will yell that the yellow one is in your hand, but sorry - there's a red one in your hand!

You then reproduce the yellow shoelace
from your pocket!
Easy enough for a beginner;
strong enough for a pro.

Complete with shoelaces and instructions.

Highly recommended by Mr. Magic


The vanish is really amazing. Easy to do.
Perfect for living room or stage

Tear Apart Change Bag

NOTE: Silks & accessories shown are not included.
LARGE SIZE - when open 19" length x 9" width.

Crafted of a very nice, rich, looking red velvet outside; and inside a smooth black satin finish.

The animated photo above shows a great routine using the Tear Apart Change Bag and vanishing color crayons. You place several white handkerchiefs in the bag and a full box of crayons. You pull open the bag. The colors have VANISHED from the crayons - they are now all white...and the white handkerchiefs have become colored handkerchiefs.

Tear Apart Change Bag

An item is placed in a flat bag, which is then ‘torn open flat’. The item placed in the bag “flies out”, and is seen to have changed into an entirely different item. There is nothing to destroy, the Velcro seams allow you to form and rip the bag as often as you like.

No jacket or long sleeves necessary. VERY EASY TO LEARN!

Comes to you complete with instructions and  presentation ideas for its use. Some routines below which are possible with this prop:

  • Red, white and blue silks become a flag
  •  A blank piece of paper has a haunting message appear on it
  • A dove transforms to a white silk
  • Red and blue scarves & some fake spider webs become a Spiderman action figure
  • Vanish an entire deck of cards & have only the selected card remain
  • Combine with the Magic Coloring Book trick.
  • Perfect size to vanish a Wizard Boy's Head!
  • Use instead of ripping up "Soft Soap" boxes.





Silk to Egg
Everything self-contained...
you supply your own silk & glass.

Silk to Egg - Vernet

This version is the best on the market. This is a great sucker effect & there are no switches or messy eggs to deal with!

Everything is self contained! This one picks up where the others left off. All you need is a little water/dish soap!

Push a silk into your fist & open it. Open your hand & the silk has turned into an egg.

Offer to show how it works. The egg is hollow & has a hole in it, that's where you put the silk. Explain you did this before and someone in the audience was yelling, "fake hollow egg", so you had to prove it was a real one...Crack the egg on a glass & the egg white and yoke pour out!


Tel's Bell

Tel's Bell is a beautiful Brass Hand Bell and is totally mechanical. It is beautifully made and in very limited supply. Comes with black velvet bag.
Get one now while they are still available!

Tel's Bell by Terry Herbert

Terry Herbert's Tel's Bell is a killer comedy bit.

This marvelous mechanical brass bell can be slotted into lots of programs and almost any kind of comedy show! The basic idea is great, you take a bell and ring it, then when you give it to someone else, they will try to ring it but it won't make a sound! A classic comedy bit from the British magic comedian Terry Herbert. This is so funny, your audience will cry! Easy to use in routines for both children and adults.
Here are some ideas that come with the bell:

For children: before a birthday party, you ask the child to get all his /her friends to settle down , and to act like their teacher at school when they ring the bell to get attention. You ring the bell to show him how to do it, then give him the bell to ring to get everyone's attention. Of course when he rings the is no sound ..... a little louder you ask and take it from him and demonstrate...

For adults: You show the bell to an adult man telling him that this bell has been developed to check how many hormones he has... the louder the ringing the more sex hormones you have ... You of course ring the bell very loud... you give it to the spectator - he can't make the bell create even the slightest ring!

Milk Pitcher
Pitcher Height Approximately 6 1/2"

Milk Pitcher
by S.S. Adams

Milk (or any other opaque liquid) Mysteriously Disappears From a Pitcher Right Before Your Eyes!

A magician shows a pitcher full of milk and borrows a hat from a member of the audience, (or makes a newspaper cone). The milk is poured into the hat/cone and tossed back to its owner. The hat/cone is found to be dry and empty! The pitcher is half empty!

The milk has vanished!



50% OFF

Great for walk-around too!

Performer shows a real CD, silver on both sides, and places it in an empty see through CD sleeve. A red ribbon is passed through the sleeve, and the CD changes to red.  Repeated for change two other silver CDs to yellow and green. Easy to do, complete with sleeve, CDs and ribbon.

This is a great trick as everyone knows what CDs are...and to have them magically change colors in an instant is a real head-scratcher.

Perfect for either stage or close-up.

50% OFF

Mental Epic

Mental Epic
Manufactured by Mak.

Mental Epic-Wood from Mak

A wooden frame and slate is displayed that is marked off into 6 equal squares, as pictured. The wonderworker makes a prediction regarding the future thoughts of a spectator. It is written in one of the top squares and covered with piece of cardboard, so as not to influence the audience. A spectator is asked for any random thought, such as a name, color, number, etc. This is written below the magicians prediction and remains in full view. Twice more predictions are made and random thoughts recorded in a like manner. When the magicians predictions are revealed, they match exactly the spectators random thoughts.

* No Re-Setting!
* Mechanical!
* Prediction Different Each Time!

For those wanting the most
Professional Look!

Mental Epic
Manufactured by Prudential

Mental Epic-Teak from Prudential

A TEAK Frame and slate is displayed that is marked off into 6 equal squares, as pictured. The wonderworker makes a prediction regarding the future thoughts of a spectator. It is written in one of the top squares and the teak flap is closed, so as not to influence the audience. A spectator is asked for any random thought, such as a name, color, number, etc. This is written below the magicians prediction and remains in full view. Twice more predictions are made and random thoughts recorded in a like manner. When the magicians predictions are revealed, they match exactly the spectators random thoughts.

* No Re-Setting!
* Mechanical!
* Prediction Different Each Time!


A Real Great Crowd Pleaser

Split Deck
Plays great for both Kids and Adults!

Split Deck
(Standard Poker Size shown above)

Jumbo or Standard Poker size comparisons
 for any manufactured card.
Large Playing Cards
JUMBO card is 4.5" wide by 7" high.
Standard card is 2.5" wide by 3.5" high.

JUMBO Split Deck
Standard Poker Split Deck

You show a prediction envelope and place it in full view throughout the routine.  Next you ask for two volunteers to join you.  

You now show the jumbo or standard poker size deck box. You explain that each person will select a card from the deck.  When you remove the deck from the box you tell everyone that you did a show for some chefs, and when you asked them to cut the deck they really did cut the deck and you separate the cards!  

Now you say that you want each volunteer to select a card from one half of the deck and if everything goes correctly (with a little magic dust) both of the halves will match exactly.  Not will both halves match, but the card selected should match the prediction you placed in full view earlier. You now place the halves together and ask one of the participants to open up the prediction envelope and show the prediction to everyone...you now turn over the cards to show that they do indeed match the prediction exactly.

A wonderful routine that can be done for large or small audiences, no sleight of hand is required for this effect.

Highly recommended by Mr. Magic

See Svengali Deck , Stripper Deck , One-Way Deck , and Mirage Deck  for other types of forcing decks.

New Price


Standard Poker
Jumbo or Standard Poker size comparisons
 for any manufactured card.

Large Playing Cards
Each card is 4.5" wide by 7" high.
Standard card is 2.5" wide by 3.5" high.


These are JUMBO Size Bicycle playing cards!
<<<<<<--- (See comparison to the Standard Size.)

Each card is 4.5" wide by 7" high.

JUMBO Size Bicycle cards come in Blue or Red backs...please select separately.

Red Back

Blue Back

Another surefire winner for
kid show performers and
family audiences!

What's My Job

Highly recommended by Mr. Magic

Check out our Pocket Size (see below)
You will want it for your close-up &
walk-around audiences!
What's My Job
from Sammy Patrick Smith

The magician displays a picture book of people at their different jobs:  a doctor, chef, plumber, police officer, welder, fire fighter, artist, farmer, magician, etc. A spectator then freely selects one picture, let's say a firefighter. A prediction envelope, in full view the whole time, is now opened.
"And here is my prediction, the fire fighter-when he was just a baby!" The performer removes a picture of an infant in a baby bonnet! (Groans and laughs from the audience.) "Well, he knew from the very beginning what he wanted to be when he grew up, and of course, he decided to become ..a fire fighter." The picture is turned around, it's a firefighter!

WHAT'S MY JOB is a highly visual and easy to perform effect. The prediction has built in laughs and the prop is so simple to use that you can focus all your energy on presentation.
The large, clear drawings make this great even for large audiences.


Another surefire winner for
kid show performers and
family audiences!

Whats My Job Pocket

Highly recommended by Mr. Magic

Check out our Regular Size (see above).
You will want it for your larger audiences!

What's My Job (Pocket Size)
from Sammy Patrick Smith

Honey, I shrunk the magic trick! The original What’s My Job has been extremely popular since it's release. Now it's back with a cute pocket version (4" x 5") that’s perfect for
walk-around or close-up performing.

Display a picture book of people in different jobs—a doctor, chef, plumber, police officer, welder, fire fighter, artist, farmer, etc.
A spectator “freely” selects one picture.
A prediction envelope—in full view the whole time—is now opened.

“And here is my prediction, the fire fighter—when he was just a little squirt!” The performer removes a picture of an infant in a baby bonnet! (Groans and laughs from the audience.)

“Well, he knew from the very beginning what he wanted to be when he grew up, and of course, he decided to become—a fire fighter.” The picture is turned over to reveal the fire fighter.


Mental Balloon MENTAL BALLOON - Italy

  A board with four different colored balloons. The performer declares that he has pasted a prediction label on the rear side of the board. After each balloon is burst (freely named by the spectators), the only one that remains matches with the magician's prediction.

Any kind of balloon can be used. Self working trick, no force required.
Comes with 20 balloons. Board size: 46cm x 28 cm.


The Change Cap


Perfect for restoring a torn card or forcing any number or object! A natural way for a mentalist to collect slips of paper with personal information! The black, one size fits most baseball cap comes with a full color booklet featuring ideas to get your started. Including Andrew Mayne's Spitball Catch!

The Change Cap by Brian Daniel

Make two statements at once and get the reactions you crave! You can wear the world's newest change bag, the most innocent switching device EVER! Used by close up performers with awesome results. It looks just like an ordinary baseball cap. You'll wear it just like a baseball cap. But you'll use it for endless change bag effects!

The Change Cap by Brian Daniel and Creative Magic works differently than most change bags. The gimmick isn't mechanical, but rather a manual change that happens when the hat is "closed."

Stage workers, mentalists, kids performers and street guys will find the Change Cap an invaluable tool, designed to fool today's audiences!

• Easy to use and always ready!
• Form and function PLUS fashion!
• Brian Daniel's "crowning" achievement!
• Limitless card and coin tricks, street style!

Imagine throwing two safety pins in the cap, shaking it around and, just like that, they are linked. If someone asks for change for a dollar, just take off your hat, throw the dollar in and, before you know it, coins are rattling around! Make change with Brian Daniels innovative new Change Cap!


Pro Model Joker Tube

Shipping Weight 4 lbs
Quality Details of Pro Model Joker Tube:
Ball Vanishing Box:
Locking Magnetic Doors
Structurally sound hinge function and screws
Multicolor Joker painted on door
No crush design for a dimple free ball
Vibrant red, yellow, & green color balls
Crystal Tube & Base:
The plastic ball tube is has a crystal clear glass feel and look.
Base with tube is perfect length and height for ball display.
Metal Cover Tube:
Strong light aluminum weight design.
Vibrant color baked in paint for long life.
No seam in the tube and tube will not bend.

"Highly durable, perfect function,
absolutely beautiful magic apparatus..."

Pro Model Joker Tube

An essential item for kid magicians and clowns! The tube and balls can be used as a stand-alone magic show! Use the tubes to change ball order and vanish balls using the ball vanish box. The ball vanish box is designed to vanish more than just a ball! You will quickly find that the Pro Model Joker Tube has endless possibilities! The durability, quality, feel and function are the best ever made.
You remove the White Tube and everyone can see the three balls (Red, Yellow and Green) which are in the clear tube. You now remove the three balls from the clear tube and begin a story about the colors on a Signal Light.  You place the clear tube back on the stand and place the White Tube over the clear tube.  Now ask which color is on the bottom of a Signal Light, and then the Middle light, and finally the Top light.  You now remove the White Tube and the balls have changed order (The red ball is on the bottom, the green ball in the middle, and the yellow ball is on the top!
The balls are once again removed from the clear tube and the clear tube is put back on the stand, and you cover it again with the White Tube...and begin to place the Green Ball, Yellow Ball, but this time you place the Red Ball into the Red BOX, because it apparently doesn't want to be a signal light any more!  After a few seconds, you ask the ball in the box if will behave, and it says it will, so you open the Red Box and the ball has vanished!  You now remove the White Tube and the Red Ball has reappeared in the clear tube...clearly indicating it wants to be good!

This is just one of the many routines you can do with this wonderful illusion. There are many incredible effects you can do with this item!

Highly Recommended by Mr. Magic
Great for kids and adults enjoy it too!


Crystal Silk Cylinder Pro Model

Crystal Silk Cylinder Pro Model   Crystal Silk Cylinder Pro Model*
*Live Fan Tail Gold Fish Are Not Included.
Shipping Weight 3 lbs

Pro Model Crystal Silk Cylinder
from Magic Makers

Quick Overview

Several colorful silks are placed into the Crystal Silk Cylinder. The Cylinder is then covered with a yellow tube and then quickly removed, the silks have disappeared with the Cylinder now full of balls, candy or even live gold fish*.

This professional grade illusion is easy to perform and included are 3 twelve inch diagonal silks.

The Cylinder is 'fish tank water tight ready" or ready for whatever you want to make appear that fits inside.

*Live Fan Tail Gold Fish Are Not Included.

Click to view additional Silks


A Gleaming Set of Cylinders
(Tube color may vary)

Shipping Weight 3 lbs

Pro Model Crystal Silk Cylinder
Ickle Pickle*

A set of three acrylic tubes... a clear one mounted in a beautiful spun "aluminum" base and two larger opaque ones, all nested inside of each other.  
The 2 outer tubes are removed showing them and the inner tube unmistakably empty.
The 3 silks are then dropped into the clear inner tube.
he 2 tubes are reassembled and as the magic words are spoken...remove the 2 outer tubes and the silks have vanished and the inner tube is FILLED with candy, balls, ropes, balloons or whatever you want to load inside!

*Ickle Pickle - Over 40 years of high quality magic!

Click to order Silks


Comes with
DVD demo & instructions.

No Switch Bullet Catch

A one person Bullet Catch effect.
No Gun - No Assistant - No Switch!

 View Clip

No-Switch Bullet Catch
Sparks Magic

Display a "live" bullet. Hold the flame of a cigarette lighter under the bullet and - BANG! The bullet explodes, leaving you holding an empty shell casing.  In your mouth - clenched between your teeth - is the slug! A daring (but not dangerous) version of this famous, reputation making feat.

No Switch Bullet Catch is made from a .38 Special Nickel Plated Brass Shell
(which will not tarnish) and is larger than the .32 caliber shell used with the Sparks' Bullet Catch 22 trick.

The magnetic bang device gives you more time and makes it easier to control when the “bang” happens. It can be added or removed from any metal lighter, any time before or after the effect. You can even borrow the lighter. (Lighter not included)

Comes with DVD demo and instructions.

Bullet Catch 22
The only ONE MAN Bullet Catch that
(Glass not included.)

Bullet Catch 22 by G. Sparks
The most dangerous trick in the world!!!
Its a wonderful idea and a clever trick." Paul Harris
You display a bullet. Then, while demonstrating the danger of holding a lit match under the bullet, "BANG!" the bullet fires, your head jerks back, and you're shocked!
You drop the now-empty shell into any glass, grin, and the copper slug is shinning BETWEEN YOUR TEETH! You spit the slug into the glass.
Trick comes with the Bang and special bullet. You supply you own glass and matches.

Amazing Little Red Box
Silks sold separately

The Amazing Little Red Box

Magic production Box measures 6" x 6" x 6" and is made of wood.
Nicely painted with a bright Red outside and with a beautiful geometric pattern on the inside.

Quality made throughout and the very clever cabinet is detailed inside and out. It has two doors, open the front door and show the audience that it is empty, close the door and open the top door, to produce one silk or a variety of silks, close the door open the front door to show the box again empty and repeat by opening the top door to produce more silks, sponge balls or any other surprise appearing items.

Very easy to use and perform with.
A great Magic trick for the stage or parlor magician.

Silks are available from us click here: 9" Silks



Naughty and Nice

Comes Complete with Ropes and DVD

Naughty and Nice

      Naughty & Nice by Robert Baxt

You get his "Nice" routine, a charming and heartwarming version perfect for all family shows that will tug at the heartstrings.

You get his "Naughty" routine, a more adult but in NO WAY RISQUÉ routine to music with rhyming patter that takes the trick where no one else has dared to go!

And as a bonus, you'll also receive Robert's very commercial corporate and trade show presentation for the trick that he has done hundreds of times for Fortune 500 companies and in trade show booths across the nation.

The perfect trick in that it packs small, plays big, requires no reset and is always ready to go. It fits in your pocket and plays everywhere! Comes with detailed instructions on DVD with a custom set of very visual, colored, stage size ropes just the same as the ones Robert uses.

Full instructions, patter, and presentation on a DVD that will play in any country. Over 40 minutes of clear and concise directions for the classic trick plus Robert's "special" innovations. You not only get his three funny, original, and wonderful presentations for this time tested trick, you get his insight and great thinking on what makes good magical entertainment.



Cue Card

Effect includes specially
 prepared cue card and instructions.

Highly Recommended by
Mr. Magic

Cue Card
by Brad Manuel

The perfect way to prompt your audience on cue every single time.  When you want the audience to respond, you bring out the cue card.

A large plastic card with "APPLAUSE" printed on the front, you turn it around and on the back "MORE" in printed.  You then turn it around again and now the word "LOUDER" is printed on the front, you turn it around once again and on the back it now says "THANKS".

This versatile card comes with the four changes above but also allows you to change the words or messages to whatever you want. For example you could replace the words above with your clients slogans and logos or just change the words to others like:

  your options are endless!!!


Coin Vanishing Stand Coin Vanishing Stand

You place up to four half dollars...or any other pocket size coin, onto this nice wooden display stand. One by one you then pick them up from the stand in full view of the audience ... toss them up into the air as they magically vanish.

Very useful accessory for platform coin effects, very clean vanish without any palming or sleight of hand. With instructions.
Split Ghost Tube
Silks sold separately

             Split Ghost Tube
This devious device allows you to produce a large quantity of silks from a seemingly empty tube.

The magician shows a handsome metal, square, decorated tube. The tube splits in half, allowing spectators a clear view through both ends (see the picture). The magician straightens out the tube and proceeds to produce a large quantity of silks from BOTH ends of the tube. 

Each tube is sturdily made of metal and comes complete with instructions and performance examples. Approximately 8 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches wide. Easy to do.

Silks are available from us click here: 9" Silks


Circus Wagon

Shipping Weight 13 lbs
Wagon Wheels are currently solid Black Color.

Circus Wagon

For production of rabbit, silks, doves, party favors, etc.

Performer unfastens the cage front, shows the interior empty, then places an inflated balloon inside the cage. At the performer's command, the balloon bursts, and a rabbit (or any other load) can completely fill the cage. Entirely mechanical, self-contained, and can be done surrounded.

Very colorful circus wagon measures 16"x12"x13".



BOBO - The Magical Bear
Bobo is a hit at Kids shows.
BOBO - The Magical Bear Puppet

Meet Bobo, the first ever mind-reading bear puppet!

This deluxe, plush bear puppet (with Lucite control rod) will baffle and amaze.

While the puppeteer's back is turned, a spectator selects one of five colored tablets and puts it in the bear's mouth. The spectator hides the other four tablets in his pocket. When the puppeteer (or magician) turns around, he instantly knows which color was selected!

Comes complete with adorable plush bear, tablets and carrying bag for the tablets. The trick is self-working, and operates on batteries, which are also included. You'll love the devilish secret, and instantly find several ways to incorporate the puppet into your show. Remember, there is no forcing of colors, the trick practically works itself!

Not a ventriloquist ...no problem, just tell the audience Bobo came down the laryngitis this morning, so he will have to whisper to you and you can tell them what he is saying!


Back Stage

A great parlor or stage effect!

Back Stage

Performer announces he will take his audience backstage and show them how a trick works. He turns his back to the audience and apparently performs for an imaginary audience in front of him. He picks up a thin tray draped on three sides and holds this with the undraped side to the real audience. Two thin boards are next displayed and inserted upright on small blocks attached to the tray. Picking up a GIANT card he drops in between the two boards. It drops clean through the slot in the tray and comes to rest in tape loops hanging beneath the tray, as audience clearly sees. Performer now removes the boards, displays them freely to his imaginary audience and takes a bow. Now the magician faces his real audience and explains that they have just seen a real mystery from backstage. He then suggests that they might like to see it performed in the normal way. The trick is repeated facing them. This time they are really fooled as the performer really makes the card vanish completely...only to have it re-appear across the room!  
                               HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Only 3 Left!


Tail Spin
  Customer Comments
"I love Tail Spin! Children in my library audiences all summer long were laughing and giggling uncontrollably at every performance of that cute little donkey and his tail.
By their vote it's a 10!!!!!!!"
Mark Daniel
(School show professional and producer of KIDabra)

"I use a blindfold for the child while performing Tail Spin to add even more comedy. The blindfold can have funny eyes, long lashes or any other bit of silliness."
John Pert
(Ontario, Canada)

The NEW Tail Spin! by Samuel Patrick Smith

Our popular TAIL SPIN effect is now better than ever! Printed in beautiful colors on a heavy gloss board, TAIL SPIN will make your head spin!  This hilarious prop is guaranteed to make kids snort and bray! They won't be able to keep their laughter "burro"-ed!

You show a picture of the cutest little ol' donkey you ever saw. But the poor fellow is missing his tail. Slide the donkey picture (a very visible 9.5 x 12 inches) into an envelope with a large window. A child pretends to throw the tail, and when you pull out the donkey, the tail is stuck to his nose. His eyes are crossed and his ears bent back in surprise! Kids howl! It's not the helper's fault -- you know how stubborn donkeys are!  Put it back in, try again, and this time when you pull it out, the tail is completely gone. You look all around for it, and suddenly the kids scream their lungs out because the tail is hanging out of the back of your pants! Trust me on this, the children will weep with joy!

This bit of tomfoolery can be used in a variety of settings. It's perfect for birthday parties, of course, but it works great in day care shows, library programs, and school assemblies. Based on an idea by Edwin Hooper with a twist by Selina Frederick. Using Selina's wonderful artwork, TAIL SPIN is printed in full color on heavy boards with a high-gloss finish. You're bound to get a KICK out of this one!

Only 2 Left!


21st Century Silks

21st Century Silks from Jay Scott Barry

Jay Scott Berry's version of this classic Silk effect has been called "The Best Improvement Ever" and "a Perfect Illusion".

The problem with the 20th Century Silks has always been that the "gimmicked" silk can be quite obvious. Jay's new method eliminates this problem and allows you to show 2 separate silks freely, even close-up, and then tie them together. A vanished silk then reappears tied between these two. Finally, all 3 silks can be immediately handed out for examination!

This set includes 4 - 18" Diamond Cut silks, special gimmick and complete instructions to perform this amazing effect. Easy to do, great for close-up to stage.

Guaranteed not to Hypnotize your audience...but Guaranteed they will have never seen anything like it before!!!

Shrinking and Growing Head Illusion -
Click photo to enlarge.

Plastic or Fiber Board Spiral Disk
Diameter Approximately 15"

Watch Bruce Kalver perform this illusion
You are supplied with the large disk, instructions and hardware adapters to attach to any small battery powered drill (not supplied), which allows the spiral disk to spin at a more consistent speed, clockwise and counter clockwise.
Or you can insert a pencil into the center hole and spin the disk manually.

Highly Recommended by Mr. Magic

Shrinking and Growing Head Illusion - (Plastic or Fiber Board Spiral Disk )
by Top Hat Productions
from Bruce Kalver

Now available in new
Professional Flexi-Plastic.

Without doing a thing, you will perform the most talked
about illusion in your act!

The magician displays a 15-inch, specially made spiral disk; imagine the kind a hypnotist might use. The spiral is spun and you instruct the audience to stare at the spiral and not look away. You start to count backwards from 10 to 1, and when you reach one, you tell the audience to look at your head. TO THEIR AMAZEMENT, YOUR HEAD BEGINS TO GROW LIKE A BALLOON BEING INFLATED!

Every audience will want you to do it again so this time you have the audience select a partner. Spin the disk the other way, and when they look at their partner THEIR PARTNER'S HEAD BEGINS TO SHRINK!

The spiral can be seen in large auditoriums. It is perfect for birthday parties. People are amazed and always yell "do it again!" The hardest part of this illusion is trying to keep a straight face as your entire audience stares at you in disbelief with their mouths wide open.
You are going to love this!


Fiber Board


Flexi Plastic

Wrong Way
(Shipping Weight 1.5 Lbs)

Policeman opens up to 3 feet 8 inches.

After your show, kids and adults love having their pictures taken with their heads in the policeman.

Wrong Way
Great for Kids or Adults

The magician displays a large traffic sign (15" x 13") with a big arrow on each side and explains the importance of traffic going the proper direction. The arrow on one side is shown to be pointing left and the arrow on the other side points to the right. Now the comedy begins--the magician continues to show both sides of the sign, but now the arrows change directions and end up pointing the same way either all to the right or to the left, then they change to pointing up and down!

Finally, the magician explains, "...and we all know what happens when you don't pay attention to the traffic signals..." and with that the sign drops open to show a 3 feet 8 inch tall police officer with a cut out for the magician's face!

This is a very heavy duty prop and a great trick that plays well with comedy or providing a lesson in following directional signs and then gives you a wonderful surprise climax!  Wrong Way is a "must" for any magician working with youngsters...but you can use it very easily for Adult Parties just as well...just change your patter.


 Soft Soap
Comes with 4 refill boxes
Soft Soap-Trick
This great classic sucker routine is perfect for any audience.  The performer displays three hankies which are covered with multi-colored stains. The hankies are placed into a box of
 "Splash magic laundry detergent".
After a little shaking the soap box the hankies are removed and seen to be spotless! The audience thinks they know how he did this and they want to see the inside of the box.
After some comic by play the magician tears the box open and tossed into the audience.
There's nothing to find!

So easy to do ....
SOFT SOAP requires no skill leaving you free to concentrate on presentation. Great for kid shows, adult audiences and perfect for M. C. work!
Comes with all you need...stained hankies, gimmicked clean hankies, boxes and complete instructions.
Mr. Magic performs this trick
at all of his stage shows.

Extra boxes available in a convenient 10 pack.  
See below

Special Order: Ships in 5-7 Business Days!


Soft Soap
8” x 5 ½” x 11½" cardboard.
Pack of 10 boxes
Soft Soap-Refills
Pack of 10 Boxes

Realistic, color detergent boxes to be used with the soft soap routine, see above.

8” x 5 ½” x 11½" cardboard.
New Price


Napkin Rose DVD

Napkin Rose

Napkin Rose

Napkin Rose
Napkin Rose      

Napkin Rose

Michael Mode presents
Napkin Rose DVD
includes 12 Red Napkin Roses

Napkin Rose Refills
(Pack of 50 - choice of colors)

The Napkin Rose is an souvenir that your audience will long remember. Perfect for work in restaurants and bars. An excellent alternative to Mouth Coils.

Magician Michael Mode teaches you how to easily twist a napkin into a realistic origami rose. In addition to the basic napkin rose twist, you will also learn several cool tips and tricks developed by Michael over the years and taught on this DVD for the very first time.


  • Introduction
  • The Napkin Rose
  • Making The Rose Glow
  • One-Ply Napkin Rose
  • A Rose By Any Other Name - Learn how to print your name or logo right on the rose!
  • Smells Like A Rose - How to make a scented napkin rose
  • Tea Rose - A really great miniature version of the napkin rose!
  • Extras - Learn the best way to carry the roses, give the roses away, teach the napkin rose and much more!

Bonus Magic Tricks - DVD Exclusive!

  • Rose And A Kiss - Bonus magic trick with a really sweet ending!
  • Torn and Rose-Tored - A visual way to pull the flower off the stem and magically restore it right before you give it away.
  • Final Thoughts
  • Credits

Plus order a D'Lite and you can add...even more excitement to your Napkin Rose presentation.

Napkin Rose DVD


Napkin Rose Refills

Napkin Color

Currently Out of Stock.

Sword thru Neck
Shipping Weight 15.0Lbs
Carton size 48X12X6

You certify that you are an
Adult (18 or older) when
placing your order for the
Gladiator Sword Thru Neck

Not for sale to minors.

M&R Games LLC is not responsible for any misuse or injury that may occur due to carelessness on the part of the performer.

Knight Sword Thru Neck-Prudential
Similar to Gladiator Sword Thru Neck
(Both manufactured by Prudential)

This is the most unique model available on the market as it is a single blade sword making it look like a genuine sword and does not require any tapes or magnets to hold two pieces of metal together to make it look like a sword.  A metal sword made from high carbon spring steel with a gold plated brass handle.  A wooden neck stock with teak wood molding composite veneer stained and sprayed with polyurethane lacquer.  Gold plated decorative brass hinges.

The sword looks great and appears very solid. Blow up a balloon and place it in the center of the stock...then start to run the sword thru the stocks and the balloon pops.  Now ask for a volunteer!!!

The wooden frame is locked around the neck of a spectator. You push the 36 inch sword through the frame and the spectator's neck. You can openly show the sword runs straight thru the stocks. Spectators see the sword pass through the middle of the stock and come out the other side. You remove the sword and the stocks and the spectator is shown to be completely unharmed This amazing body (neck) penetration effect causes no bodily harm (used as presented) , no sleight of hand, or set up time, and is totally self working.
Completely self-contained....just the thing for the single performer looking for a larger stage effect.

Comes complete with neck shackle, sword, and instructions.


Magic Wand Magic Wand

An essential accoutrement for every magician.

This is the traditional 10" magic wand (made of durable plastic) that every budding sorcerer requires.

Breakaway Magic Wand Breakaway MAGIC Wand
Made for laughs - this wand is perfectly normal when held by performer. However, when handed to a spectator, the wand COLLAPSES into a crooked, limp, loose-jointed number of broken sections. When returned to performer, wand instantly becomes straight. Fabulous comedy potential, and kids really love it!
VERY FUNNY.  Excellent plastic construction.


One Handed Change Bag
Comes with FREE "American Flag Silk Blendo"
One Handed Magic
Zippered Change Bag

A wonderful utility prop that can be used for many effects!

You display a cloth bag attached to a wooden handle. The bag is turned inside out, the zippered bottom can even be opened, and shown to be completely empty. A moment later you reach inside and produce....well, just about anything!
With this Magic Makers One-Handed bag, the secret move can be done so quickly that you or your assistant can drop the object into the bag, then immediately reach back inside to find it has vanished or changed!

The bag can be used for vanishes, restorations,  restorations, productions, and more.

Flag Silk Blendo



Change Bag

A very useful prop for magicians, clowns,
and even mentalists!
Change Bag - One Handed Zippered
from Ickle Pickle

A wonderful utility prop that can be used for many effects!

You display a cloth bag attached to a wooden handle. The bag is turned inside out, the zippered bottom can even be opened, and shown to be completely empty. A moment later you reach inside and produce....well, just about anything! With this Ickle Pickle One-Handed bag, the secret move can be done so quickly that you or your assistant can drop the object into the bag, then immediately reach back inside to find it has vanished or changed!

The bag can be used for vanishes, restorations,  restorations, productions, and more.


Change Bag Book

This book contains everything you wanted to know about change bags along with tricks that can be performed with many different varieties of change bags; including the Flat or Draw String Change Bag, One Hand Change Bag, Regular Two Hand Change Bag, Repeat Change Bag, The Clear force Bag and The Mesh Change Bag.

Change Bag "Book"

Within this softbound book (28 pages) from, Magic City, you will find  a great amount of knowledge on how to perform quality routines during your performances -- using the Change Bag.

The Basics and just a few of the Effects

1900 Trick Mis-Made Flag Flat Dice
Whoops! Magic Weaving Laundry Pick-Up
Sow's Ear Spooks The Bare End
C & R Tie It's Billet Time Miser's Surprise
Bank Night End of My Rope Corny Gag
Holiday Greetings Finding a Card Mental Money

These tricks can be performed by beginners, amateurs or pro’s, kid show performers or mentalists. If you already own any of these change bags, you'll be motivated to grab your change bag and put one of these cool tricks into your act! Or perhaps a presentation angle will spark an application for another of your Change Props, like a Card Box, or a Change envelope etc. Excellent value!

Flash Paper
 Pads contain 20 (approx 2" x 3") sheets.

Flash Paper

Sheets contain 4 (approx 8 1/2" x 10") sheets.
60 2" x 3" approximately sheets
when you cut them yourself.

M&R Games LLC is not responsible for any misuse or injury that may occur due to carelessness on the part of the performer.

Flash Pads  or  Flash Sheets
High impact FLASH for any performance situation!  Highly Recommended!
NOTE: All Flash Paper is
SHIPPED WET as required by Law!

Flash Pad Sheets are a convenient and quick way to use small pieces of Flash Paper.
2" x 3" (approximately) Pad Sheets.

Flash Sheets are ideal for use with almost any flash gun, wand, or other device. SAVE MONEY---Cut them to your desired size.
You receive 4 Sheets approximately 8 1/2"x10". 60  2" x 3"
(approximately) sheets when you cut them your self.)

Not for sale to minors.
Must be at least 21 years old to purchase this item.  Some jurisdictions may have local laws requiring special certification or permits to use this item in a public venue.  Buyer assumes all responsibility for the legal use of these items.
These items are not to be sold to or to be used by minors. Please read and follow all instructions before using Flash Pads or Flash Sheets.

Flash Paper


Flash Paper


Flash Paper Book Flash Paper "Book"

Within this softbound book (28 pages) from, Magic City, you will find  a great amount of knowledge on how to perform quality routines during your performances -- using Flash Pads or Flash Sheets.

The Basics and the Effects

General Ideas Bar Bet Incandescent ID
Haystack Vanish Suspension Surprise Flash Prediction
KNO3 Prediction A Blazing Change Scorch It
String Spark Circle Flash Glow Rope
Flaming Spook Two in Hand--Poof! 3 on a Match
Vanished Restoration Can you Match That? Pellet Passage


Slush Powder
Contains 2 ozs. of powder
                Slush Powder

Slush Powder will GEL any liquid "HOT" or "COLD" in the time it takes you to fill the cup. This fast-acting powder is one of the most versatile and powerful utility items around.

Using just a small amount of this incredible powder you can apparently make any liquid vanish, transform, change places and much more. 1 teaspoon will instantly gel 4 oz of water.

  • Contains 2 ozs. of powder
  • Easy to store and pour with dispenser top
  • Includes instructions for two of the many routines possible so you can get started right away
  • $4.50
    Slush Powder Book

    Don't forget to order more
    Slush Powder
               Slush Powder Book

    Slush Powder lets you do the impossible! Armed with this secret weapon, you'll be able to perform miracles. Slush Powder gives you the power to perform trick that formerly required cumbersome gimmicks and apparatus with the greatest of ease, and very little preparation. For years, Slush Powder has been an overlooked accessory in the world of magic. Now, with this booklet, some careful thought and practice, you'll be able to perform a wide variety of trick sure to stun any audience.

    The step by step instruction in this book give you all the details on how to work easy-to-do miracles with this secret substance.

    Inside, you'll learn how to:

    • Visibly morph a glass full of milk into a handkerchief!
    • Vanish a bowl full of water!
    • Change a glass of water into a snowstorm of confetti!
    • Vanish a shot glass full of liquid from your bare hands!

    Included inside is an assortment of innovative tricks and ideas from Patrick Page, one of magic's most creative thinkers.

    9 Inch Silks
    9 inch silks
    9" Silks

     6 Choices of Colors to meet you magical needs.
     100% Silk -- NOT a blend, very nice quality.

    $2.00 individually


     $21.00 for a "Dozen" Assortment
    (Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Yellow, Emerald,
    Fuchsia, Lemon, Orange, Turquoise, Violet)

    (that's only $1.75 a silk)
    Color Desired

    Dozen "Assortment" Only

    6 Inch Silks
    6 inch silks
    6" Silks

     3 Choices of Colors to meet you magical needs.
     100% Silk -- NOT a blend, very nice quality.

    $1.50 individually
    Color Desired

    The Very Best Finger Chopper!

    Hades Improved Finger Chopper
    Not for sale to minors.

    Finger Chopper by Hades
    Highly Recommended for Close Up Performances!
    Ask a spectator to examine both pieces of this two piece guillotine style finger chopper. They find the blade to be solid, and the stocks solid as well. You then take the two pieces back, and place either your finger or the spectators finger in opening of the "stocks. You then slide the blade piece through both the stocks top and bottom, but the finger remains miraculously intact!

    You can then hand both pieces back to the spectator for further examination. To the spectator this a miracle. Hand-crafted in wood and built to meet the exacting demands of the working professional.

    You certify that you are an Adult (18 or older) when placing your order for the
    Finger Chopper.
    M&R Games LLC is not responsible for any misuse or injury that may occur due to carelessness on the part of the performer.


    D Lite

    Order 2 and SAVE money!

    D'LITE by Rocco (Red)

    Don't be fooled by the imitators...this is the ORIGINAL and Patented
    D'LITE from Rocco.

    D'LITE, ROCCO’S Light From Anywhere...Created in 1987 by Roger Mayfarth, D'Lite was designed for stage and close-up use by the world renowned magician, ROCCO.

    Today, thousands of professional magicians use D'LITE to entertain audiences throughout the world. With D'LITE, You can mesmerize people by controlling a bright red light at your fingertips with your seemingly bare hands, making it appear and disappear from view as often as you wish. Here's a small sample of what you can do with one or two D'Lites.

    --Show your hands empty, then pluck bright red lights out of the air, pass them from hand to hand, and make them disappear.
    --Pretend to put one in your mouth, and pull it out of your ear. Put it back in your ear, only to be found back in your mouth ...
    --Hold an ice cube in your bare hands, and make it glow bright red, at your command.
    --Play "catch" with a friend, make sure they have a D'LITE of their own!
    --Make a plain white napkin develop a bright red glow, and no one but you knows how.
    --Take a drink, and pull a red light out of your mouth. Was that a light beer?




    D Lite DVD

    Learn how to perform it flawlessly!
    D'LITE by Rocco --- DVD

    This is the new Ultimate D’LITE - DVD.

    Here is are just a few of the things you will see on this exciting DVD:
    --The Basic operation as well as the Advanced handling of the D’LITE.
    --There are several routines using one and/or two D’LITEs
    --As a Bonus, you get a medley...featuring Rocco himself.

    You receive 12 coils per pack!
    Each coil is 25 feet long!

    Mouth Coils

    Although called "Mouth Coils"
    many magicians do not use them this way,
    they simply pull them out from...their pockets,
    change bags, etc.

    Mouth Coils

    These are our best selling mouth coils.

    You receive 12 coils per pack!
    Each coil is 25 feet long!

    Possible Routine
    While holding the tissue strip say I'm going to rip it in half and then in quarters and put it back together again. Tell the audience that you have done the trick so many times that if I don't do it right you'll eat the paper. THE KIDS WILL GO WILD! You ask them for a magic word but the paper is still in pieces; you ask for another chance. You try it again but it still doesn't work. Finally, you tell them you have to keep your promise and eat the paper. You put the paper toward your mouth but out comes 25 feet of colored paper.
    After the show the kids always ask for the colored paper!
    Let your showmanship take over. It's a winner!



    Mouth Coils MOUTH COILS BOOK - Mike Shelley

    Mouth coil mania! The old classic is the new rage with Shelley's gourmet Mouth Coil book! A tasty treat to delight and amaze! Used by magicians and clowns, Mouth Coils are the famous effect where a performer pulls and endless supply of multicolored streamers from their mouth.
    This complete 20 page booklet hosts ideas (see below) that stretch beyond that classic effect.

    * General Tips * After The Coil Is Produced * Good MC Bit
    * Do You Use A Puppet? * Slush Powder Climax * Tongue In Cheek * Peacock Egg * Tie One On * Do As I Do * Watch, Watch, Watch * Funny Money * Out Of The Mouth Of Babies * Purse Frames * Sponge Ball To Climax * All Balled Up * Running Gag * And Away We Go * Spring Flower Finally * It Floats * Change Bag Routine * Vanishing Mouth Coil * Christmas Garland * Multi-Colored Ashes * Magic Coloring Book * Flash Production * High As A Kite * Bases Loaded * Closing Thoughts


    Paper Hat Tears  Paper Hat Tears
    Wizard (12)              Santa (12)

    Paper Hat Tears  Paper Hat Tears
    Bonnet (10)              Party Hat (10)

           Clown (12)       Happy Birthday (10)

    Paper Hat Tears

    The magician is joined on stage by a volunteer from the audience and displays two large pieces of tissue paper and tears the pieces in half.
    One half is handed to the volunteer and the magician holds onto the other half.  Both the magician and the volunteer tear their paper into as many small pieces and roll them into a tight ball.

    The magician retrieves the volunteer's ball of paper and squeezes them with his pieces. After the volunteer says the magic word, the magician unrolls the pieces in his hand and somehow the paper has transformed into a Hat which is given to the volunteer to keep.

  • This is really Fun to Perform

  • Great for Kids and Adults

  • Easy to use and a great give away

  • Comes with instructions and basic routine

  • Contains 10 or 12 Hat Tears (see left)

    Watch demo  VIDEO CLIP ... this Video demonstrates the "Wizard" &  "Bonnet" Hat Tear... but applies for any of the Paper Hat Tears!

  • $10.95

    Hat Type

    Merlins Magic Hat
    Comes complete with batteries!

    Highly Recommended by Mr. Magic

    Merlin's Magical Hat - Chris Kenworthey

    This hat is modeled after the late, great, Merlin! The Wizard's hat has a moon and a variety of stars, that will definitely light up the room. Grabs attention immediately and lets them know immediately you are a magician to be reckoned with. Great for a laugh at both adult and children's shows and sure to earn the respect of your peers. Perfect for Halloween!

    This hat is "adult" sized and made of beautiful BLACK VELOUR and features 12 blinking lights!
    Name one thing that would be cooler than a "REAL" Wizard's Hat with blinking lights ... I know you are stumped ... order today!
    Couldn't think of one, could you? Well how about this: it comes with the batteries!



    Needle Thru Balloon
    Comes with 12 balloons and a string

    Highly Recommended by Mr. Magic

    Needle Thru Balloon

    The magician displays a large (18-inches long) needle with ribbon or string and a transparent balloon. A spectator is asked to inflate the balloon while the magician cleans the needle with a cloth. The performer shoves the lethal and very sharp needle completely through the balloon along with the ribbon or string, without popping it! The balloon is then tossed into the air and popped with the needle.

    No scotch tape of tape of any kind is used to protect the balloon.  The spectator can select any balloon they desire to use...and they blow up the balloon for the magician to use.

    Check out the Needle Thru Balloon Holder...to make your life much easier and safer when carrying the 18" Needle!

     Extra Balloons? click here


    Needle Thru Balloon Holder
    Needle Thru Balloon Holder
    Highly Recommended by Mr. Magic
    Needle Thru Balloon Holder

    What an ingenious invention...This is an accessory to your Needle Thru Balloon Trick (see above).

    You receive a long plastic magic wand (approx. 18 1/2" long) with metal tips. It stores, sets and protects the needle! Inside there is enough lubricant to set your needle automatically upon removal every time you do so. It keeps your needle point way from anything that can be accidentally damaged. It will also insure the point never goes blunt on you and protects against rust.
    And when you're not doing your Needle Thru Balloon Trick this wand can also be used for other things. 

    If you own Needle Thru Balloon,
    this attractive Wand Holder is a must!


    Balloons Dozen
    Highly Recommended by Mr. Magic
    Quality Clear Balloons

    For use with the Needle Thru Balloon effect above.

    These quality 11 inch "clear" balloons from Qualatex come in a pack of 12.  The clear balloons make it easier for spectators to see the needle and string pass through the balloon. 

    Highly recommended to complete your Needle Thru Balloon effect.

    Pack of 12


    Razor Blade Illusion

    You certify that you are an
    Adult (18 or older) when
    placing your order for the
    Razor Blade Illusion

    Razor Blade Illusion
    by David Powell

    The “Razor Blade Illusion” is an amazing effect that can be performed surrounded and will work equally well in a parlor or stage situation.

    One at a time, both sides of six double edge razor blades are proven sharp by slicing through paper. Each blade is placed in the center of the stand but always in full view of the audience. The magician tears off a yard of thread, wraps it into a little ball and swallows it. All six blades are put into the magician's mouth and swallowed. The magician opens his mouth and pulls out the end of the thread. A few inches down the line a razor blade is tied to it! The thread is continued to be pulled out with a blade tied to the line every few inches! Add some fake blood or a novelty tongue and you've got a whole new illusion! Comes complete with a beautiful black acrylic stand with silver trim and rubber feet. It’s automatic! There is even a threaded spindle for the spool of thread (not included.)

    The blades are held to the frame by magnets.
    Real double edge blades are not supplied (for legal reasons.)  Done properly, this illusion is 100% safe.
    Not sold to persons under the age of 18.

    Not for sale to minors.
    M&R Games LLC is not responsible for any misuse or injury that may occur due to carelessness on the part of the performer.


    Mail Bag Escape

    Shipping weight 4.5 lbs
    Mail Bag Escape

    A challenge by the Postal Service lead Houdini into escaping from a sealed and locked canvas mailbag. The trick truly was a miracle.
    Now YOU can perform the same effect!

    A full size Stage illusion that you can carry in your suitcase. You are locked in the mailbag by your assistant or someone from the audience, using a solid metal rod and padlocks. A sheet or curtain is held up in front of the locked bag and you escape in a FLASH!

    The Bag, the rod, and the padlocks can be examined before and after the performance.

    This escape makes for a perfect publicity stunt or feature in an evening-long show. Without specialized knowledge of escape magic or locks, you, too can free yourself from this heavy canvas bag with a minimum of practice.

    The diabolical secret of this escape is built right into the apparatus. Your spectators will look right at the gimmick and never discover the secret.

    No special escape skill is required - the secret is in the special props we supply. But practice is required to get the speed that enables you to make the escape in a quick and clean manner. Comes complete and ready to work. We supply the custom made Canvas Mail Bag (7 feet high and 3 feet wide), the special metal rod, padlocks, and full instructions. The effect can be performed on its own or combined with other escape effects.

    Special Order: Ships in 5-7 Business Days!


    Sands of the Desert
    Sands of the Desert
    The classic is back! Better then ever!

    Three colored sands are poured into a bowl of water and mixed up. One by one they can be removed separated by their color. After a color is removed it can be shown instantly dry!!

    This is the best sand ever!

    No Squeezing!
    No Crumbling!
    No Clumping!
    Just dry flowing sand!
    Sand flows into the bowl from your opened hand.

    Comes with Three colored sands, scoops, and instructions.


    Quality, Durable, Lightweight
    Aluminum Construction!

    FREEDOM Microphone Holder
    Adjustable Black Nylon Neck Strap that
    holds the lightweight aluminum holder,
    for long lasting use!!!
    Highly Recommended by Mr. Magic

    FREEDOM Microphone Holder
    Lightweight Neck Strap Holder accepts ALL Standard and Cordless microphones

    If you use a hand-held microphone you know how hard it is to perform with both hands and yet still have the freedom to move around in your act. Even if the microphone is in the stand...your freedom of movement is very limited.

    The FREEDOM Microphone Holder is worn around your neck and is completely adjustable so the microphone can be kept at exactly the right distance for you.

    A must for any performer, MC, or anyone who wants to take a microphone out of the stand and still have both hands free. The three-point aluminum base holds the microphone out slightly for better sound pick up.

    Be Prepared!  Carry at least one of these holders in your magic table or case...for those times when you thought there would be a lapel microphone at the function or just in case "your" lapel microphone stops working. 


    4 oz. Spray Bottle.
    This stuff really, really works!


    you need this

    Available again after a ten year absence, this may well be the answer to your dry hand woes!

    No card, coin or ball handler can do without this great manipulation lotion! It's NOT greasy either!

    Magician's Hand Lotion

    Gary Ouellet and Guy Camirand have for years looked for the best manipulative lotion. In 1988, they offered what we believed was the best hand lotion for manipulators.

    This is an improved version of their original and unique hand solution which is perfect for those of us who struggle with dry hands during a performance. Just apply it 10 minutes before show-time and you're all set!

    Do you have problems with cards slipping? Classic-palmed coins popping free prematurely? This specially-prepared solution will combat these and related problems by adding just the right amount of cling without making your hands sticky (unlike most commercial hand creams and lotions).




    Professors NightmareProfessors Nightmare
    Highly Recommended by Mr. Magic
    (Rope Color you receive is White)
    Professors Nightmare

    You display three pieces of rope, each of different lengths. You then fold the pieces into your hand and when you stretch out the pieces they're all the same length! You then fold the pieces into your hand again and when you stretch the ropes out again, they're back to normal. Comes complete with white ropes and routine.


    Vernet Thumb Tip
    Make a lit cigarette completely vanish! Make 10 dimes appear from an empty rolled-up dollar bill! Produce a silk handkerchief (sold separately) from thin air! Change a packet of sugar into a sugar cube! Change a few normal coins into a key by "melting" them together in your bare hands! And more!

    Doing magic with a borrowed cigarette, especially when it vanishes at the end, is a polite and fun way to tell someone "please don't smoke". Handy in restaurant situations or anywhere that someone's smoke is bothering others.
    Check out our
    20 Tricks with Thumb Tips DVD

     Vernet Thumb Tip

  • This is the quality Standard Vernet tip, made of plastic. It is 3 1/8" in circumference. The Standard thumb tip is the size worn by more than 90% of our adult customers.

    The one "must have" gimmick for every magician!  Probably the most popular and most used device in magic, this utility device makes it possible to vanish silks, cigarettes, salt- even water- in your bare hand. You can use it to produce items as well! Keep one of these in every pocket- you'll use it often!

    Vernet Thumb Tip comes with
    basic operating instructions only

    To get the most out of this amazing gimmick, we strongly recommend that you also purchase our DVD which actually demonstrates and teaches the correct way to use the Thumb Tip as well as some amazing routines using this clever gimmick.

  • $3.00
    Click the Rotating DVD
    Check out our Select DVD's &
    VHS Tapes

    Click the Rotating DVD

    Magic can be easy and fun to learn, especially when you can watch a Professional on a DVD and at a great  price.
    $9.95 to

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