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Still only $9.95
"You Can Bet on the FUN!"




Makes a Great Gift for
your Golfing friends too!

Click to Gift Wrap

                          Fun from Tee to Green!
Each laminated card is about the size of a credit card

PLUS  You'll receive the "Rules Card" and a handy carrying case to carry and store your nine cards. Which
 makes it easier to toss in your bag, after you and your golfing friends have "settled up at the 19th hole!"


  • Easy to Learn! (see game rules below)
  • Fun to play with your Golfing Foursome!
  • May even help improve your Golf Game?
  • May also help improve your earnings on the course?
  • Makes the 19th hole even more interesting!




Rules of TAG GOLF™

     Before the game begins everyone in your foursome decides on a fun bet; or monetary amount for each card ($.25, $.50, $1.00, etc); or whoever has the most negative cards buys the _______ and then you’re ready to tee off.

At the start of the game all of the TAG GOLF™ cards are held by one golfer who is responsible to hand them out as a golfer makes the appropriate shot. A golfer then receives the card (see TAG GOLF™ Cards above) when their golf shot, lands, skips, rolls or somehow causes someone to say, "TAG, your hit!" for the appropriate card.  That golfer keeps the card until another golfer makes a shot that earns them the card and the current holder of the card says, "TAG, your hit" and hands the card over to them.  Play continues through all 18 holes and then everyone...settles up at the 19th hole!

     For each negative card a golfer has at the end of the round, that golfer owes each golfer in their group the agreed upon bet.  But, golfers who have positive cards, i.e. birdie or other designated positive cards, each golfer in the group owes that golfer the agreed upon bet.

     Although the goals of TAG GOLF™ are not to earn any negative cards just the positive cards. . .it’s most important that everyone had fun, enjoyed the day and can't wait to play again!

See some of our customer suggestions below on how they have used the "Wild Card" and the "Mulligan Card" as another "Wild Card". 

Used as a Positive Card

Longest one putt for the hole.
Lowest score for the hole.
From the tee box, your ball lands in the fairway.
From the tee box, your ball lands in the fairway and is the longest distance.

Used as a Negative Card

From the tee box, your ball does not land in the fairway.
Snowman ( 8 or higher score on the hole.)
Highest bogey for the hole.

With TAG GOLF you can Bet on the Fun!

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